Jason Peters: I’m staying in shape and waiting for a team

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Jason Peters isn’t done quite yet.

Or at least he doesn’t want to be.

After 11 years with the Eagles, the veteran left tackle started 15 games for the Bears last season. Now at 40, he’s looking to play at least one more season.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Peters said he’s been staying in shape and waiting for a team to come calling. And he’s not just looking to join a club that’s contending for a Super Bowl in 2022.

“I just let my agent talk to those teams and he’ll hit me and let me know who’s interested and who’s not,” Peters said. “Looking for an upcoming offensive line, good team — or a playoff team. Either/or is good for me, because I can pass my torch on to some guys who are trying to get better, the younger guys, the new generation. Or if I get on a team with some vets, they already know how I rock, and we can just go into the playoffs and make a run and try to win another ring.

“But right now, either way is good for me because I can teach or I can sit back and listen and learn from other veterans who have played this game, too. So either way is good.”

Peters added that he doesn’t have a time frame for when he’d like to put pen to paper on a contract.

“Whenever the opportunity comes, I’m going to give it one more run at it and try to get me another ring, or pass on some knowledge to these young kids, up and coming,” Peters said. “But I don’t have a time frame on when I’m going to get signed. You know, last year, it was two-and-a-half weeks into training camp. So whenever the time comes, I’ll be ready.”

Peters began his career way back in 2004, signing with the Bills as an undrafted free agent. He became a starter in 2005 and went to two Pro Bowls with Buffalo the team traded him to Philadelphia in 2009. Peters is a two-time first-team All-Pro and a nine-time Pro Bowler.

12 responses to “Jason Peters: I’m staying in shape and waiting for a team

  1. Give it up man. You went from LEGEND to ‘Oh man, this guy is hanging around to collect a paycheck’ over the course of 2-3 seasons. It’s over.

  2. Does he really think a playoff team has a hole at left tackle just waiting to be filled by an injury prone 40 year old?
    Did he think the Bears were a playoff bound team when he signed with them?

  3. Someone will have their starter get hurt this season, get desperate and sign him. Starting caliber LT’s are like left handed relievers in MLB — their careers last about 4 years longer than any other position.

  4. Whenever 71 decides to retire, I hope that he goes back to the Eagles for some kind of coaching position along with Stout

  5. Wouldn’t be shocked if Joe Douglas contacted Peters. He knows him well from Philly and he’d be an awesome mentor to Becton and serve as insurance if he were to go down again.

  6. He’ll officially retire when none of the 32 teams have come calling for him by January 2023. That’s when he knows it’s time to retire.

  7. This guy is really fat and has always been overrated. That’s why he’s looking for a 4th tean now.

  8. Da Bars should re-sign him. He did a good job last year, even at 39. Keep Jason around to show the young fellas how it’s done.

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