Owners to meet on August 9 for approval of Broncos sale

Walmart Holds Annual Multi-Day Shareholders Meeting In Arkansas
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The Broncos officially will soon be adopting a lighter shade of blue.

A clan of Wal-Mart owners, led by former Wal-Mart CEO Rob Walton and current Wal-Mart CEO Greg Penner, will officially be approved by at least 24 owners at a meeting in Minnesota on August 9.

Per multiple reports, that’s when the owners will gather to welcome into Club Oligarch someone who has more money than any of them, by far. Currently, Panthers owner David Tepper is the wealthiest of the bunch, at a net worth of $16.7 billion. Walton, the son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton, is worth $60.9 billion.

Yeah, he’s getting approved by at least 24 of the others.

The question then becomes whether and when some of those many billions will be given to quarterback Russell Wilson, who (unlike Deshaun Watson) didn’t get a new contract on his way through the door.

14 responses to “Owners to meet on August 9 for approval of Broncos sale

  1. Is Daniel Snyder….just wondering…..serving hard to serve subpeonas is worth alot of cash !!

  2. Should be seamless for Bronco fans until they have to use self-checkout lanes to leave the the stadium.

  3. …… as well as the imminent move of the team to Wal-Mart home town and fertile NFL territory, Bentonville, Arkansas.

  4. I wonder how long before they have the gall to threaten a move unless taxpayers help fund a new stadium. You would think $60 billion would cover it, but darn, that +8% inflation is really digging into their accounts.

  5. Just wondering if the new owners know anything about football or is it just a way to advertise their merchandise?.

  6. I’m Officially a old man now….back in the day I remember ya could buy a team for under 200 million. The good’ol days.

  7. There’s a salary cap in the NFL. Mr. Walton can’t spend any more money than Mike Brown, or any other owner.

  8. ….and vendors will now be known as “Associates”. Blue vested “Greeters” will take your ticket stub. There will be 14 checker stations at the beer counter, and one will be open.

    But the beer is cheap.

  9. It’s a slam dunk. Might as well meet with him on Zoom and get it over with. Walton now has the keys to Broncos Country.

  10. And every time a Raiders, Chargers, or Chief’s fan shops at Walmart they’ll be supporting the Broncos. Thanks!

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