Taking a closer look at Dan Snyder’s superyacht

Russian Owned Superyacht Seized In London
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We’re gonna need a bigger boat. That’s something that never will be said on Commanders owner Daniel Snyder’s superyacht.

The folks at LuxuryLaunches.com have taken a closer took at the $192 million vessel purchased three years ago by Snyder.

It’s 93 meters long, nearly the full size of a football field. It accommodates 12 guests in seven cabins, and it holds 33 crew members. It has a 200-inch outdoor screen an IMAX theater.

“The 12-seat theater is so big that the vessel had to be designed around it, overcoming the challenge of sound-proofing to isolate the theater from the engine noise and meeting IMAX’s stringent norms,” writes Sayan Chakravarty of LuxuryLaunches.com.

The IMAX theater alone cost $3 million.

So, yeah, if Snyder needs to remain on the boat until after the November election or, if necessary, until the new Congress takes over in January, maybe he will. There are far worse places he could be — including most notably FedEx Field.

13 responses to “Taking a closer look at Dan Snyder’s superyacht

  1. Either a slow news day or someone has a private agenda. Why no look at Jerry’s little boat too seems to be similarly run teams with NDA’s abound.

  2. Good for Synder. Success should be rewarded. I’m respectful, not jealous. (Sorry.)

  3. I have a 21 ft pontoon boat that’s in a slip I rent at a marina. I’d spend every day there if I could. If I had the money to own and maintain a 93 meter superyacht, you’d never hear from me again, and I’m not even hiding from congress.

  4. Jeff Bezos’s super yacht is so large that they can’t even get it into open water from the Netherlands, where it was built.
    It says “Hi” to Danny Snyder’s yacht.

  5. He doesn’t have to stay on his boat. It’s nearly impossible to properly serve a subpoena to a US citizen abroad. Congress is not interested in going through the Hague Evidence Convention to get written testimony. They want a show. They want to make Danny squirm and force him to admit that even if he hasn’t broken the law, he is a scumbag.

  6. The guy has fled the jurisdiction to avoid the process server. Upstanding guy that he is. NFL must shoulder some of the shame here.

  7. Children in this country go to bed hungry. Let that sink in for a minute.

  8. Seth Rogen should sneak on as a waiter like the movie Pineapple Express and process serve him that way. That would be hilarious.

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