The 49ers granted Jimmy Garoppolo permission to seek a trade — in March


Last week’s Washington Post profile of Adam Schefter gave the football-following world a glimpse inside the sausage-making process when it comes to NFL scoops. On Wednesday, Schefter showed us a finished sausage.

Tweeted Schefter on Wednesday, July 20: “49ers officially have given Jimmy Garoppolo’s agents Don Yee and Carter Chow permission to seek a trade, sources said.”

Wrote Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area, on March 28: “The 49ers granted Garoppolo and his representation permission to seek a trade, [G.M. John] Lynch said.”

Thus, today’s news is essentially a reiteration of something the team already disclosed. Nearly four months ago.

So what’s going on here? It is, in my assessment, another example of the favor-trading in which Schefter engages to ensure that he’s at the front of the line for any and all scoops. By blasting to his 9.6 million followers old news couched as new news, with the names of not one but two agents expressly added to the ensuing social-media billboard, Schefter has given Yee and Chow not only free advertising but also an attempt to resuscitate a trade market that has been, to date, catatonic.

The report/favor from Schefter surely was sparked by Tuesday’s explanation from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that Garoppolo is expected to be fully cleared in the middle of August, coupled with our explanation that this timeline screws both the 49ers and Garoppolo. Added Schefter to his tweet: “Garoppolo has been cleared to start practicing, per team source; 49ers still are expected to exercise caution with him this summer.”

There’s a difference between being cleared to practice and being fully cleared. Apparently, Yee and Chow wanted to make it clear to everyone through Schefter’s platform that Garoppolo is available in a trade now, not later.

But he’s been available. And no one has made a play for him.

So fine. Garoppolo is cleared to practice, and he’s available now. Good luck with that. The Browns got a fifth-round pick from the Panthers for Baker Mayfield, who’s getting only $5 million from his new team. How can the 49ers expect anything more than that for Garoppolo, barring a freak Teddy Bridgewater type of injury?

Regardless, Schefter did his part. He dusted off some old news in a last-ditch effort to goose a potentially non-existent trade  market for Garoppolo. Whenever Garoppolo makes his next move (and/or when Yee or Chow have any news regarding their other clients), you won’t need five guesses as to who will be tweeting it five minutes or so before it’s otherwise announced.

24 responses to “The 49ers granted Jimmy Garoppolo permission to seek a trade — in March

  1. the 9ers have just sat on him and squashed his value and squandered their shot at getting back to the super bowl in the process. They are a bad franchise that continues to make bad decisions

  2. No one’s trading for that contract. And no ones trading for him at all until they see him play. And the 49ers won’t play him or risk him getting hurt and being on hook for $25 mil. Rock meet hard place.

  3. Say what you will, it’s a nice reminder to teams as training camps start. A QB injury for a contending team. JMO, but the Giants should consider it if they throw in PR David Putney.

  4. As was pointed out Jimmy’s record is 33-14 and 5-2 in the playoffs and he can’t find a job. Watson’s record is 28-26 and 1-2 in the playoffs, hasn’t played in a year and might miss another year and got 230 million guaranteed…jus sayin

  5. These 49er QBs who get their team to the Super Bowl just have no luck….

  6. “They are a bad franchise that continues to make bad decisions”

    The Niners went to 2 NFC Championships and one Super BOwl in the last 3 years. Unless your team is the Rams, Chiefs, or Bucs, your team is worse.

  7. JG has no guaranteed $ left. Did SF move on just because of his injury history? SF paid big time and is going with an unproven talent. Is there something missing in his game or are teams looking for a below market deal?

  8. Jimmy is better than Baker. Not to mention, Jimmy can bring a locker room together. Baker can’t. He’s actually proven to be a negative in the locker room. Jimmy has a playoff resume, Baker doesn’t. Jimmy has intangibles, but they aren’t flashy. But he can win in the right system. He can elevate a team, and people love him. Stop comparing him to Mayfield.

  9. He’s 30, with the money he’s due, and just coming off a surgery, I don’t see a franchise saying “Yeah this is a great idea”. I think the 49ers are stuck with that salary, they will eventually release him, and he will sign for much less as a backup.

  10. The Patriots might trade two of their four 2023 6th round draft picks while the 49ers eat half of his salary and they manipulate the rest of his salary into salary cap evading payouts using rules nobody knew existed. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  11. Isn’t there an old saying, ‘If at first you don’t succeed…..’?
    Or is it the one about ‘ doing the same thing but expecting different results’?

  12. It’s obvious teams want to be sure he is healthy first, before they take a chance on him getting hurt again lol! Very limited market now.

  13. rockpiler says:
    July 20, 2022 at 8:00 pm
    the 9ers have just sat on him and squashed his value and squandered their shot at getting back to the super bowl in the process. They are a bad franchise that continues to make bad decisions

    Except that it was Jimmy’s decision to have surgery on the eve of FA, and with a 7.5M injury guarantee, it would cost the Niners 7.5M to cut him, or wait till he clears and owe zero before the start of the season.

  14. Texans are probably his only option at this point unless someone’s starter gets injured.

  15. Nobody is trading for this guy because everyone knows the 49ers have to clip his salary to pay guys like Deebo. The 9ers can try to play the media all they want- it don’t change the math.

  16. “Stop comparing him to Mayfield.” …Mayfield had suitors. Jimmy G apparently doesn’t have any suitors. It seems team front offices disagree that Jimmy is better than Baker.

  17. Three things: The Niners, in my opinion, are at the top of the heap of THE 3 or 4 most Super Bowl ready teams – so, is it possible that Jimmy G’s people and Niners brass are all engaging in a smoke-and-mirrors act, each trying to get all they can in this situation; and three; if all else fails their backup is Garoppolo staying on the Niner Roster for one year at a reduced rate backing rookie Lance. Because – it does not make any sense that this team, this loaded, is going into this season with just Mr Irrelevant Purdy and Sudfeld as their backup.

  18. Insinuating Garopollo is only worth Baker Mayfield money and trade capital is disrespectful. Mayfield hasn’t accomplished anything close to what Garopollo has done in the league. Jimmy is going to force the 9ers to release him, and then he’s going to sign with whoever gives him the best chance to win. The 9ers mishandled this entire affair and have hurt Jimmy’s career in the process. They need to let him go. Jimmy was wise to take this time to get himself fully healthy for the last third of his career, wherever that may take him. Good luck to him.

  19. The Dolphins should be very interested in Jimmy. The giants too. Lions. Saints. Seahawks. Steelers. Falcons. If they have the money….

    With the Ravens hesitancy to sign Lamar Jackson to a long term deal that would strap the teams cap situation, could they be in the mix to bring Garopollo in and move back to a more traditional offense and more dynamic passing attack? Nobody is talking about this, and it is highly unlikely, yet I feel like it is a bold move that could pay serious dividends for them. Risky, yes, but so is sticking with Jackson. The PR flak would probably be big, but if they felt like the limits on their pass game were holding the team back, they might make the call. The Ravens were 8-9, with 6 losses by 3 points or less (4 of them were 1 point losses and the other was 2 points). They clearly had issues being able to score quickly at the end of games, because they are largely a running team. Could Jimmy have won half those games? If he could have, they’d have been 11-6, and they would have beaten the Bengals out for the Division Title, and the Bengals would likely have missed the playoffs. Instead, the Bengals made the Super Bowl. Jimmy wins 70% of his games. So maybe they win 4 of 6 or 5 of 6 close games, and they win 12 or 13 games, and possibly win the tie breaker for the #1 seed and home field. If Jimmy was the Ravens QB last season, they may have made the Super Bowl instead of Cincy. It would be a huge move, radical….and I’m not sure there would be a big trade market for Lamar so they might have to let him walk… but this could work. Jimmy’s probably got 5 good years left, maybe more. The Ravens o-line has some potential so that should be attractive to Jimmy.

    On a side note, the Detroit Lions have quietly put together a very good o-line. They play close to Chicago which is Jimmy’s home town. They play indoors though. Would Jimmy go there? It would be cool if he did and the Lions got good. Of all the teams that have not won the Super Bowl, the Lions have had the least success. No Superbowl appearances let alone victories, and 1-13 I believe in the playoffs. It would be a good story if he helped resuscitate the franchise.

  20. Jimmy G was 1 game away from the Superbowl. How many other QB’s can say that from last season? I’d love to see him in Detroit.

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