Willie Gay agrees to diversion program in criminal damage case

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay has reached an agreement with prosecutors in Johnson County, Kansas, to end the criminal case against him, TMZ Sports reports.

Gay, who was charged with misdemeanor criminal property damage in January, agreed to a diversion program in June. He will have to undergo mental health counseling, submit to drug and alcohol testing, pay fines, fees and restitution, and remain out of trouble for 12 months, per TMZ Sports.

If he meets all conditions, prosecutors will dismiss the case against him.

Gay was arrested Jan. 19, accused of damaging a vacuum, cellphone screen, wall/door frame and a humidifier during an incident at the house of the mother of his child.

Gay played both postseason games the Chiefs played after his arrest.

A second-round choice in 2020, Gay has appeared in 28 regular-season games and three in the postseason in two seasons.

3 responses to “Willie Gay agrees to diversion program in criminal damage case

  1. Of course he played. Goodell loves certain teams and protects them from domestic cases like this one.

    This bum should be suspended immediately.

  2. Beat me to the punch……NFL such a “policing industry” today, not even a whisper about some “hypocritical” Personal Conduct Policy??

  3. So, let me get this straight… they guy broke a bunch of stuff, not a person, stuff, and was charged with a misdemeanor against “stuff.” And for that he shouldn’t be allowed to play?? Are you kidding? While the woman was likely terrified while he was breaking stuff, it is also equally likely she was also mad as heck. The dude didn’t lay hands on her. Get’s a pass in my book.

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