Are NFL’s Sunday Ticket talks not going well?

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As we wait for the NFL to decide on a new partner for Sunday Ticket, the folks at Sports Business Journal have floated an intriguing possibility.

Are the talks not going well?

John Ourand suggested it, and Ben Fischer mentioned it at the top of his most recent SBJ Football newsletter.

“They expected the Sunday Ticket rights to be completed by Super Bowl,” Ourand said. “We’re in mid-July now.”

Prior reporting has suggested that the league will award the rights in the fall, with bids made by Amazon, Apple, and Disney. But if the league was getting what it wanted, wouldn’t the deal already be done?

On one hand, they have time. The current deal with DirecTV runs through 2022. On the other hand, if they had an offer they liked, they would have taken it by now.

At least one report has suggested that the rights could bring the NFL up to $3 billion per year. Maybe that’s wishful thinking from the league. Maybe it’s an effort to get as far over $2 billion as they can. Regardless, there’s a reason for the league’s failure to already have a deal for 2023 in place — and it’s possible that they’re still waiting for the number that they want.

19 responses to “Are NFL’s Sunday Ticket talks not going well?

  1. Good riddance!

    They should have come up with something better by now, regardless.

  2. Netflix should have given the NFL a blank check for this. Their business model is flawed.

  3. I fully assume incompetence on the NFL’s part.
    The switch to streaming is many years overdue.

  4. Hope they get as much as they did last time and stop being so damn greedy. I watch it but will never pay for it, over priced product.

  5. Since it appears that a significant price reduction is not in the offing, I’d rather directv keeps it. I’ve been fortunate to always have good, reliable service with them and I hear that streaming live sports leaves a bit to be desired.

  6. I love sports. But I’m really getting sick of absolutely everything getting milked for the last dollar.

  7. I’d be happy with Amazon or Disney, but if Apple gets and they try to force me to buy some kind of Apply-only hardware to make it work…well the NFL might just have well leave it in the hands of DirectTV because it would be just as bad. Fans need to be able to buy what they want (single team or all teams) without having to have new hardware of any kind.

  8. So you are suggesting that NFL owners are writing huge checks to QBs and WRs based on a bank account that might not be filled by big TV contracts after all?

  9. Hope they don’t get what they want. I’d love if all bidders said $1B and that’s it

  10. I would think Sunday Ticket is a natural for Amazon Prime. NFL must be asking too much.

  11. Make it so you can watch the team you want and get it over with. Not all the B.S. Why is this so hard?

  12. Maybe they’ve holding out for a streaming service that can actually rewind during a live broadcast

  13. They will price themselves out of households. I had the Ticket, then I realized I wasn’t watching a game. I was flipping back and fourth between games and missed out on wwatching a game unfold, on coaches changing to get the upper hand, never saw an offense or a defense set up the other team and execute their game plan. Only watched a bunch of plays, not a game. The Ticket is a waste of the football experience, no one should bother with it. All you need is a service with the NFL Network and you can watch or record any game you want during the week for nothing.

  14. Why doesnt the NFL just do it themselves? Why cant there be an NFL app where you can stream any game live or spoiler-free for a yearly fee that doesnt have to be bloated to pay for the $3B exclusive rights on top of the service? There has to be a way to do this while protecting local providers rights.

    Im sure the answer to my question has something to do with money or commercials. Id pay 500/yr for access to all games without commercials. Or games in 30? Imagine all the games you could watch if they offered a “game in 30 minutes” option where they boiled it down to important drives and kept commercials out?!

  15. The price is only going up for everyone. Please don’t make me give money to the greediest non-oil company on the planet: apple.

  16. Seriously, the NFL would make 3B+ if they agreed to an non-exclusive deal…something like NBA/MLB League Passes which are available on every streaming service/cable packages. Everyone would pony up serious $$ to keep their subscribers.

  17. Fed up with NFL ticket pricing! Regardless of the platform, why can’t the NFL recognize that if they dropped the cost of NFL ticket from $300 to $100 for households, they would get 3x+ the subscriptions and make the same money anyway! (or more). It would exponentially increase their weekly televised fan base that they claim to care so much about. Basic economics people!!!! Why don’t their advertisers push for this??? More eyeballs on the advertising.

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