Browns aren’t expected to be interested in Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns
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In recent days, there’s been some chatter that the Browns possibly will pursue quarterback Cam Newton, if starter Deshaun Watson misses a significant chunk of the season due to a suspension under the Personal Conduct Policy. For now, chatter is all that it is.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns “are not expected” to be interested in Newton.

It’s not relevant until the Browns know whether and to what extent they’ll be without Watson. If the suspension lasts more than eight games, maybe it makes sense to pursue Newton. For now, the Browns are exploring potential backups to Jacoby Brissett, who would be the short-term starter if Watson isn’t gone for most of the season.

If Watson is gone for most of the season, the analysis may change. We could get some answers at any time, with Judge Sue L. Robinson likely closing in on making a decision on a potential suspension for Watson.

16 responses to “Browns aren’t expected to be interested in Cam Newton

  1. I betting that no NFL team is interested in Cam Newton. Maybe a 2nd hand clothing store will want him to do some modeling.

  2. A picture is worth 100 words. Cam throwing off his back foot in warmups, if he worried about his mechanics as much as his wardrobe he’d still be in the league.

  3. My how Cam has fallen. At least he wasted his money on nice clothes. He can continue to wear them until they wear out – thankfully his hair style will match worn out clothing.

  4. I was a big Cam Newton fan when he was playing well in Charlotte, but if the Browns brought him in along with RG3, Colin Kaepernick, and Tim Tebow… Cam would be 4th on that list.

  5. I would think the Browns would have plenty of room in their Clown Car of a QB room.

  6. A quarterback who can no longer throw…don’t the Browns have enough problems right now? Cam was great in his prime, but he is long past that.

  7. Was MVP and played in a SB…more than the far majority can say; but those days are over.

  8. A former running QB MVP who can’t read a defense to save his life….. Who does that remind you of?

  9. We are on the eve of training camp and he is unsigned. No one wants that headache. The Browns have made enough bad decisions.

  10. Nothing says tanking like signing Cam. He has been absolutely horrible for years now.

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