Browns signing Josh Rosen

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Josh Rosen is getting yet another chance in the NFL.

Rosen is signing with the Browns, according to multiple reports.

The Cardinals selected Rosen with the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, but they got rid of him after an ugly rookie season. He was traded to the Dolphins, who also got rid of him after one season, and after that he spent time with the Buccaneers, 49ers and Falcons. The Browns are his sixth NFL team.

Rosen is the fourth quarterback on the Browns’ roster, following Deshaun Watson, Jacoby Brissett and Josh Dobbs. If Watson is suspended for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy, Rosen will have a chance at making the roster, but given his history in his previous five stops, the Browns are surely hoping there’s no scenario in which Rosen actually takes the field in a game.

48 responses to “Browns signing Josh Rosen

  1. he can put the ball on the #s .. could be a race between him and Jacoby..

  2. Ha ha!
    Was his last action in the NFL throwing a pick for Atlanta, or did I miss something after that?
    Cleveland deserves everything it gets!

  3. I still remember Rosens smug face when he got drafted he proclaimed he was the best quarterback in the draft and he would show everyone they messed up…ONLY 26 more teams to go!

  4. Browns gonna Brown almost isn’t even funny any more, okay it is, but it is getting kinda sad.

  5. Josh Rosen? Really? Don’t the Browns have access to game film/tape/video? Do you think the intercepting DB will give Josh the ball to keep when and if he throws his 25th interception? It would be nice for him to have a keepsake for that kind of career milestone–Decorated with silver paint and the stadium, the date, the name of the intended receiver, the name of the interceptor, and the return yardage recorded on it.

  6. Love to see this from the Factory of Sadness. Forever in our hearts as the worst org. in all of sports including Danny’s Commanders. I see a Super Bowl coming up this year fo the Brownies.

  7. With the Browns choosing this guy over the other tells me one thing for sure. The Browns have no clue what they doing. I feel so sorry for the Cleveland fans.

  8. I remember my Fins trading for him and hoping that he got a shot. He couldn’t win the job in camp. And he didn’t show enough in the regular season to get another year. There’s a reason he’s bounced around on practice squads. I can smell the desperation from Cleveland. The league is gonna come down hard on Watson. The Browns made their bed though. Watson won’t be leading any team to the promised land. Especially if he hasn’t played competitive football in 2+ years. This isn’t a RB or WR. You’ve gotta constantly be in there as a QB if you’re gonna get any better.

  9. I used to work for a company like the Browns. The things they used to do boggled my mind!! So I left.

  10. Hmm, not the one I would have selected. My guess is the coaches were impressed by his physical talents, something that was never in doubt. The quarterback position is, as the saying goes, played from the neck up. Rosen has yet to demonstrate he can do that. Brisset better not go down, Cleveland.

  11. There was no one else available that made sense as a free agent. Ryan Fitzpatrick just retired and then took the Thursday Amazon gig. Cam Newton doesn’t make sense for Cleveland. Josh Rosen is 25. Mike Glennon is 32. Blake Bortles is 30. AJ McCarron is 31. As far as accomplishments in the NFL go, they are all a bunch of dogs with fleas. Josh was the youngest dog. Maybe the Browns think Josh can be a 3rd stringer or camp arm while the city waits out a possible suspension for Watson. Cleveland already traded away so much draft capital in the Watson trade, trading for a QB on someone else’s roster is malpractice at this point. And a released Jimmy G isn’t going to sign with Cleveland if Watson’s suspension is less than one year.

  12. I was really hoping Rosen would eventually find the right team and have a good career but if he’s on the browns now his career is over. No qb makes it out of Cleveland to go on and play good anywhere else.

  13. You spend all of that time and money on the Quarterback position just to have Josh Rosen open the season? Sad.

  14. Rosen is a much better value than a $250 million QB who won 4 games the last year he played.

  15. It might be his sixth team, but he hasn’t had one opportunity. If all teams pulled the plug after an ugly rookie season, the Hall of Fame wouldn’t have any QB’s.

  16. I wonder if this arrogant kid has been brought down to earth. He couldn’t make the USFL.

  17. But you guys are down on Washington for signing Wentz…..Just goes to show you there’s always a worse scenario;

  18. Keep making fun of the Browns. They have one of best lineups in the league, despite the disparaging remarks from football fans about their front office. They must be doing something right.

  19. Comments on here are hilarious. Browns sign a 4th string player and that was the deciding factor that the season is ruined? Best offensive line in the league. Check. Best RB group in the league. Check. Top 5 defense. Check. Josh Rosen has ruined EVERYTHING.

  20. What a joke. People bad mouth the Browns because that’s the thing to do. Get some knowledge people.

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