Cardinals, Kyler Murray agree to terms on contract extension

NFL: DEC 25 Colts at Cardinals
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The Cardinals and quarterback Kyler Murray are putting an offseason of drama behind them.

According to multiple reports, Murray has agreed to terms on an extension that will make him one of the league’s highest-paid players.

It’s been clear that Murray was unhappy with his contract since February, when Murray first deleted all Cardinals references from his social media. And then his agent put out a lengthy statement to say he had presented the Cardinals with a detailed extension proposal.

The two sides went back and forth for months, but General Manager Steve Keim said in May that he thought Arizona and Murray would come to an agreement over the summer.

Now, that has come to fruition.

Murray’s deal will reportedly keep the quarterback under contract with the Cardinals through the 2028 season.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the deal is worth $230.5 million with $160 million guaranteed. Murray now has the second-highest average annual value of a QB contract at $46.1 million per year.

71 responses to “Cardinals, Kyler Murray agree to terms on contract extension

  1. Why are teams paying these young QBs before they have accomplished anything? Murray has started hot every year he’s been in the league and then faded down the stretch. Teams that can keep him in the pocket have no problem stopping him because he can barely see over his Oline.
    $160 mil guaranteed? For what? Winning a ROY award that should have arguably gone to a couple of non-QB rookies?

  2. Lamar’s about to break the bank. This is one of the shrewdest negotiations the league has seen. Love this for NFL players. More guaranteed $$$ and generational wealth.

  3. There was no alternative but to sign Murray to an extension.

    BUT he’s not worth the $ he was given.

    Note his multiple implosions at key moments during important games.

    He’s yet to prove he’s a Franchise QB.

  4. They will regret this. He is not special and will not take them were they want to go unless that place is AVERAGE. I would have let him walk!

  5. He better show up to play and earn that money. Be a leader. That playoff appearance last year vs the Rams was abysmal.

  6. The Cardinals will begin to regret it this season. The coach nor the quarterback got what it takes in the NFL.

  7. OMG!!!! why would they cave like this he’s not even that good!! Man I just might have to forget about the NFL its changed to much for this old guy!!

  8. The ease and wellness of NFL owners to pay these types of contracts ,tells me owners are know making Billions and billions of revenue On the TV DEALS, the Streaming deals and the legalization of gambling. What a wonderful time to be an owner!!

  9. All that money for a kid that walked away from his team after getting rocked in the Playoffs. Good. Glad to see Arizonas stuck with him for a long, long time.

  10. Not worth it….and only a matter of time before he’s unhappy about something else.

  11. The Cardinals will regret this. Don’t they even check Twitter to see what all the armchair GMs think of this player ? Seriously what are they thinking though, he’s done nothing.

  12. youngnoize says:
    July 21, 2022 at 12:36 pm
    Lamar’s about to break the bank. This is one of the shrewdest negotiations the league has seen. Love this for NFL players. More guaranteed $$$ and generational wealth.

    Agree LJ will break the bank and then we he is broken you will be complaining that all these QBs get way too much money and the teams are stuck being terrible because of his contract.The CBA really needs to be adjusted to make changes to the salary cap based on position.A QB should be x percentage of the cap,WR x percentage of the cap,etc.Unless the revenue generated goes up considerably,the market is going to price QBs so high that teams will not be able to retain them on a 2nd contract without gutting the rest of the team.Of course the NFL could always move to a pay per view style programming which would generate billions of dollars that everyone here would immediately agree to.I never fault anuone from securing as much money as they can.I would do the same.Just remember the game will need to change to keep up with escalating salaries like it did with free agency,salary cap,etc.

  13. Of course they were going to pay him.
    Besides the brief run with Kurt Warner, and even briefer with Carson Palmer, when have the Cardinals ever been relevant?
    He at least puts them in the conversation every year.

  14. Yeah, this is sustainable. When even average talents are making $40+ mil a year. Guess it’s time to try to get into hockey…

  15. They will regret this even though they probably had no choice but to do it.

  16. Cards and ravens are in a catch 22. I don’t think murray and lamar deserve top of the market money, but where else are these teams going to get a top 10ish QB.

  17. The physical skills are there, but it appears the iffy issues are leadership/dedication, height and ability to read the defensive side of the field effectively. Given those issues, this contract is a pretty big risk for the Cards.

  18. Overpaid. Kyler hasn’t earned this deal. 1 playoff appearance where your team got stomped…

  19. What a massive overpay for a mediocre QB who should be playing Baseball instead. Glad to let the Cardinals hamstring themselves for the future.

  20. Not worth it but what is the alternative? Let him walk and sign Cam Newton? Plenty of demand for and not enough supply for adequate QB play. Joe Burrow is about to rake in GDP of smaller countries.

  21. Never pay for hypothetical performance.

    $160 million guaranteed for a guy who hasn’t even shown he can function in a playoff game.

    The smart, winning teams pay for proven performance. The other teams do this.

  22. How much of Murray’s fully guaranteed money will he be allowed to take once he has a few more years of getting figured out, shut down and frustrated, and he takes his pouty gig to the Oakland A’s?

  23. Bidwill and Keim did exactly what they said they would do with this contract taking place this Summer… Despite all the drama and criticism from the media (ahem Mike & Simms) the Cardinals stayed within their integrity and delivered. As for the negativity of other commentators opinions, we must consider the ignorant source. This team is organizing for serious contention now and in the4 years to come.

  24. Wow… I didn’t realize how many financial wizards comment here. It’s truly a Bastion of brilliance.

    Every year… QBs sign “bank breaking” deals… none of them EVER break the team.. If it’s a bad deal, they just move on…

    I wonder why that is ??.

  25. Only QB in history with 70 TD passed and 20 rushing TD’s in first three years. Was ROY in year one and made the pro bowl in year two and three. What else were the Cards going to do?? They know what it was like to play with the likes of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. And you can’t blame the playoff loss on one guy, that O Line was awful in that game. Kid is elite in talent just needs to become a better leader and stay healthy. Size and durability is a question mark. But the Cards had no choice or alternative option.

  26. This is not going to end well for the Cardinals at all. Murray has shown he is not a big game QB and if anything, I only expect him to be less motivated after getting this money, not more. The Cardinals would’ve been better off trading Murray for picks and bringing in someone like Mayfield who would’ve given them league average QB play (or potentially better) at a small fraction of the cost while allowing the team to upgrade all around him. Instead, the team is now no better off and strapped because of Murray’s contract.

    Burrow and Herbert would be well within their right to each ask for $300+ million guaranteed after seeing these ludicrous deals handed out to Murray, Watson, and Prescott.

  27. This new trend of NFL teams breaking the bank for below average performance is mind boggling. The Browns breaking the bank for a below average, 4-12 QB, Dallas breaking the bank for the poor man’s Andy Dalton and now the Cards breaking the bank for a QB that had to be carried since day one in the NFL.

  28. When will you guys learn? Like I said, leverage, leverage, leverage and QBs get paid max $$, Tier 2 and above, guaranteed.

  29. Agree that Murray hasn’t done anywhere close to enough to deserve that contract. He can be great fun to watch but I don’t see him being successful against the better coached teams. However, that’s where we are in a QB driven league, anyone with some potential can hit the jackpot.
    For the record: Mac Jones = Kyler Murray = average or maybe slightly above average, still to be determined.

  30. It’s wild to me that more teams don’t move on from these types of QBs. Murray on the right team might be able to make some waves, but it doesn’t seem like he’s a game changer in the same way as Rodgers, Brady, P Manning, and the like are/were.
    These Cousins, Murray, L Jackson types are just good enough to keep you from being in position to get a new QB and just bad enough to keep you knowing you need one that’s better.

    It’s limbo.

  31. I always judge QB deals based on how many teams would sign him if he was available.

    Yes: New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Washington Football Team, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks

    No: Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos

    13 Yes. Not a bad number, but still think he was overpaid.

  32. Bad organizations do this. They will really regret this deal NO WAY in hell they do anything in the season or the playoffs and for sure zero Super Bowls. Keim cannot think that this kid is going to bring them to the Super Bowl right?? Huge mistake!! he had 2 years left on his deal if he doesn’t like it too bad. Jeez the NFL has really changed in the last few years.

  33. I hope this bites them in the arse. As far as I was concerned he stick or running and passing, teams figured how to contain his run and force him to pass and that didnt work so well.
    My guess is this is what they argued over the guaranteed amount and a bailout of his contract if he fall on his face this year.
    The Cards have to be wetting themselves right now wondering if they did the right thing.

  34. Kid has completed 66.86% of his passes in the first three years, highest ever for any QB in the history of the NFL in their first three years. Kid can sling it as good as anyone and can run as good or better than anyone. Cardinals made a smart move, just gotta keep him healthy.

  35. Gotta love it as a non-Cardinal fan to see them signing a 5’9 QB long term for so much cash. I don’t know who appears more uninformed: people writing in here re: believing that Murray or L Jax could actually win a Super Bowl w/ their stature or lack of arm strength. Or, the fans actually believing that Mac Jones won’t be Joe Average for the next 10 yrs.

  36. He’s making more annually than the entire baseball roster of the Oakland A’s.

    And that includes their farm teams.

  37. So, exactly why should Burrow, Allen and Hebert be paid? And Lamar and Kyler get thrown peanuts? Burrow never made Pro Bowl, Herbert never made the playoffs and Allen ain’t won anything special. Murray was NFL ROY, multiple Pro Bowls and highest completion percentage in first three seasons. Lamar won NFL MVP, multiple pro bowler, most wins by a player before the age of 25, NFL record perfect passer rating in 2 games in a season and a slew of other NFL records, 7 in one game! Pay them their $$$!!

  38. Steve Keim will never be a GM in the NFL ever again. How these people survive and continue employment for failing so badly, is unbelievable.

  39. Wow, they gave a shortstop starting QB money. AZ will look back at this with great regret.

  40. Good for Murray and any player who gets as much as they can as they risk their health.

    Having said that, he’s not worth it – maybe no QB is – and it will be to the detriment of the franchise.

  41. nite2al says:
    July 21, 2022 at 6:05 pm
    So, exactly why should Burrow, Allen and Hebert be paid? And Lamar and Kyler get thrown peanuts?


    Burrow has made it to the SUPER BOWL. Allen has already won multiple playoff games and been to several more. Herbert isn’t getting paid yet, so we’ll see how he does this year.

    Murray has only made it to one playoff game, and looked awful in it. Jackson clearly deserves a big contract, but he’s only won one playoff game and has created as many problems in games as he has solved through his talent, and is coming off of a poor season.

    Out of all these guys, Murray is by far the least deserving, and it’s not even close. He’s accomplished nothing.

  42. Good job Cardinals! You just paid $230.5 million for a immature above average QB with a 22-23-1 record. Kudos to you!

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