Why doesn’t every team have a second helmet?

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The NFL’s decision to ditch its goofy one-helmet rule has opened the door for all teams to generate excitement (and revenue) via the resurrection of an old helmet or the generation of a new one. Still, not many teams have taken advantage of this golden opportunity.

Teams embracing helmets from days gone by include the Cowboys, Giants, Patriots, and Falcons. (The Bucs will bring back their white helmets and the Seahawks will return to silver helmets in 2023.)

Teams with alternate, non-throwbacks include the Panthers (black), Bengals (white), Texans (red), Commanders (black), and Saints (black).

The Eagles will use black helmets in 2022. In 2023, they’ll instead use their old Kelly green helmets.

That’s 12 teams, of 32. While other teams have alternate looks that entail peeling off their logos and replacing them with other ones (or no logos at all), every team should have a second look. Fans like it. Fans buy the alternate jerseys and helmets. It’s a simple part of the business; any team that isn’t taking full advantage of that possibility is missing an opportunity to make more money.

24 responses to “Why doesn’t every team have a second helmet?

  1. Seems like there is a steady line of teams getting their day or 2 in the sun when they announce their new helmets, i bet we havent seen the last of the new news

  2. The 1960s Vikings had a dark purple larger horn look that needs resurrection.

  3. How can the NFL allow those G-D awful Color Rush uniforms but not a cool looking second helmet? If they could make money off of charging for air in the stadium they’d do it but no alt helmet? I can see it now, “The Official Air of the Dallas Cowboys”.

  4. vikinghooper says:
    July 21, 2022 at 8:59 pm
    The 1960s Vikings had a dark purple larger horn look that needs resurrection.


    It was the last time they were competitive

  5. Why does the NFL have to be like college teams and adopt their numbering system and have numerous helmets & uniforms? It seems amateurish

  6. Several teams should go back to their throwbacks full time. The Dolphins classic uniforms look so much better than their current main uniforms. The Commanders re-brand yields a bad high school, semi-pro mashup set if three different uniforms. Yuck. Completely botched, should have desinged something that leaned on the classic uniform. Some of the second helmets are a welcome sight, such as Pat Patriot, Bucco Bruce (2023), Red Falcons, Silver Seattle. Chargers should do an Air Coryell 80’s throwback. However, I don’t think anyone is clamoring for a Jags two-tone black/gold throwback. Some of those throwbacks are better left thrown away.

  7. Props to alternate helmets and uniforms that aren’t generic and unoriginal black. That trend from like 20 years ago that every other team was doing seemed to have mostly died out for a while. Good on the Bengals and Texans for thinking outside the box and doing something unique.

  8. I like the Steelers bumble bee hive safety helmets. Maybe they should sell those.

  9. Some teams like to keep up their brand. I don’t think all the changes have helped Oregon in the long run, they don’t have a branch to sell and recognize. You want your franchise to have a brand you recognize from two blocks away.

  10. bears don’t need a second look either. their road uniforms (white on blue) are among the best in pro sports

  11. I know a lot of people don’t know that the original Raiders had gold helmets and the original Buffalo Bills had silver helmets.

  12. The Dallas Texans. I remember when Dallas visited Arrowhead during the 50th anniversary of the AFL and both the Chiefs and the Cowboys wore their throwbacks (in KC’s case just the other helmet). The game was largely forgettable thanks to Todd Haley and Matt Cassel, but now the Chiefs wear the AFL patch as a permanent testament to those days when the AFL got started thanks to Lamar Hunt.

    Would be nice to see those two uniforms in play again now that the teams are some of the better ones in the league.

  13. Funny, how you can associate a certain helmet or uniform or even shoe with a moment.

    With the help of Wiki, I sharpened this memory of the Cowboys’ white helmet.

    1960. Cowboys first ever game. Cotton Bowl against my Steelers.

    The diminutive Eddie LeBaron, white helmet dancing and scrambling through the TV screen. leads the Cowboys to a second half lead. But Bobby Layne, back in Texas…where he might be still shaking off a long night in some honky tonks, leads the Black and Gold back for a thrilling 35-28 win.

    LeBaron and Layne. Man, that was football.!

  14. thatsaneck says:
    July 22, 2022 at 2:54 am
    bears don’t need a second look either. their road uniforms (white on blue) are among the best in pro sports
    ———— The Bears have lost more games then they’ve won in those road uniforms. I guess you can enjoy them looking good while playing their worst.

  15. coldbeer39 says:
    July 22, 2022 at 12:17 am
    Why do the Steelers have a logo on just one side of the helmet?
    Because old man Rooney was too cheap to pay for the second one.

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