Will Judge Robinson issue a Deshaun Watson ruling on Friday?

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
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The Browns go to training camp next week. It makes plenty of sense for Judge Sue L. Robinson to issue her ruling on quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s potential discipline before then.

From the moment the hearing ended three weeks ago today and Judge Robinson set a deadline of July 12 for the submission of written materials from the parties, the week of July 25 seemed to be the ideal period of time for a decision. From a P.R. perspective, it’s even more ideal if she issues her decision on Friday afternoon.

Last Friday, the Texans’ settlement of 30 claims related to Watson’s alleged misconduct emerged in the late morning/early afternoon. By Monday morning, it was largely forgotten. Although the ruling on a Deshaun Watson suspension wouldn’t be a faded memory by morning drive-time on Monday, it will have less oomph on Monday if it’s published tomorrow afternoon.

The NFL, if it were being candid, would say it would prefer that the ruling come on Friday afternoon. The NFL Players Association likely would feel the same way. If, as some believe, Watson won’t get the kind of significant punishment that many had believed he’d experience, the league and the union have a shared interest in trying to reduce the backlash from fans and media over the perception that Watson didn’t get the kind of punishment that many believe he deserves.

The Browns, as we’ve reported, are bracing for eight games. A person with knowledge of the submissions made by the parties has suggested a range of two to eight games. By Friday afternoon, the answer finally may arrive.

Subject, of course, to an appeal by either side to Commissioner Roger Goodell — unless Judge Robinson’s decides that there should be no discipline at all.

9 responses to “Will Judge Robinson issue a Deshaun Watson ruling on Friday?

  1. Yep, it will be a friday late afternoon news dump with a swiss cheese ruling. It’s almost like watching pro wrestling in the 80’s, you just know how the NFL is going to find a way to snake out of punishing Watson.

  2. mrbigass says:
    July 22, 2022 at 12:01 am
    Bracing for 8 games? They should be ecstatic if it’s only 8


    Why? What crime did he commit?

  3. If he was guilty of anything,you would think there would have been a swift decision. There’s more to this than what’s being reported.

  4. I really don’t understand how you cannot give him anything else than an indefinite suspension simply due to the fact that there are still additional suits most likely coming. How awkward is it going to look to see a set number of games handed down and then several additional claims/suits come out, what then? Do you regroup and have another pow wow with the judge? Do you just move on and ignore them? Do you automatically tack on additional games based on the number of claims? It just doesn’t make sense. But why are we even having this conversation, Watson is rich and powerful and the NFL is going to allow him to snake out of this with probably no suspension.

  5. Easy decision for Judge Robinson. No discipline. Allegations without proof equal reasonable doubt and why two seperate Grand Juries failed to indict Watson on any criminal charges and why the NFL’s own investigation couldn’t introduce any evidence of assault, violence, force, threat or coercion. You can’t find punishable activity here in Watsons case because Robert Kraft was involved in the very same activity. If Owners are held to a higher standard then players this is an easy ruling. The Volume of allegations against Watson does not change that.

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