Eagles unveil black alternate helmets

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are the latest team to unveil their alternate helmets for 2022.

Philadelphia will wear black helmets for multiple games this season, although the team has not yet announced which games those will be.

Last year the Eagles wore black pants and black jerseys for two games, but the NFL would not allow teams to wear alternate helmets. This year the league has permitted alternate helmets, and the Eagles are jumping at the chance to go for an alternate look, which always corresponds to increased apparel sales.

The Eagles have also already announced that they’ll bring back their classic Kelly green helmets for some games in 2023.

9 responses to “Eagles unveil black alternate helmets

  1. Didn’t go Kelly Green this year because 23 they change uniforms that incorporates that look. My guess.
    It’s time for a change.
    80s unis were still the best ever.

  2. No green whatsoever in that helmet. That’s too bad.

    Whoever said the black uniform thing is totally played is totally right.

  3. The NFL continuing to come up with new and innovative ways to fleece its fans out of even more cash. Meanwhile, they continue to measure first downs with two sticks and a length of chain, and guess at the ball location on touchdowns where the players pile up. Other sports have proven successfully that the use of radar and electronics has the potential to greatly improve the accuracy of ball tracking. What are they afraid of?

  4. Dan Weir says:
    July 22, 2022 at 2:21 pm
    Cowboys fan who loves the kelly green look. Best choice for the Iggles.


    Exactly why I’m not a big Kelly green guy. I associate it with years of domination by the Cowboys. No wonder Dallas fans love it.

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