Josh McDaniels: There was a lot of good football played in the USFL

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
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Before the Raiders got their training camp underway this week, the club brought in a pair of players who had participated in the USFL.

They signed cornerback Isiah Brown and receiver Isaiah Zuber, who finished the 10-game season leading the league in touchdown catches for the Houston Gamblers.

In his Thursday press conference, Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels said he liked being able to add players who were active in the USFL.

It’s a benefit,” McDaniels said, via Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I think it speaks to the fact there are a lot of guys that continue to work hard because they want to achieve their dream of playing in the NFL and creating a career for themselves. There was a lot of good football played when you watch that league.”

Playing in the Hall of Fame game on Aug. 4, the Raiders were the first team in the league to have a training camp practice on Thursday.

10 responses to “Josh McDaniels: There was a lot of good football played in the USFL

  1. Already searching and not hiding his new employer after the Raiders tank this season and finish dead last.

    Eventually everyone figures out their skill set level and know their place.

  2. Will he be taking any of these talentless guys on the Raiders roster with him when moves to a league that is more fitting for his caliber of coaching?

  3. Smart move Josh! He is clearly looking for his new job as the Raiders are going to be taking a HUGE step in the wrong direction this year.

  4. Nothing like talking up a very risky move to salvage players from the bottom of the barrel because of the lack of talent on the Raiders roster.

    5-12 season on the horizon.

  5. This coming from a guy who was caught illegally filming practices the last time he was a head coach. No credibility.

  6. I would say now is a good time to start worry about this guys talent evaluation skills

  7. Already paving the way for his next coaching stop.

    Nice work.

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