Kyler Murray on putting his baseball career to rest: I’m where I want to be


The Oakland Athletics made Kyler Murray the ninth overall choice in 2018, and he signed a $4.6 million deal expecting to play baseball after a final season at Oklahoma. But after winning the Heisman Trophy and becoming a top NFL prospect, Murray returned the bonus and opted to play football.

The Cardinals made Murray the first overall choice, but even then, critics questioned Murray’s choice of sport.

No one is after Murray signed a deal with the Cardinals this week worth $265.692 million over seven seasons, officially ending any and all baseball talk.

“Have you guys seen the payroll of the Oakland A’s vs. his contract?” Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim interjected before Murray could respond to the question about his baseball career.

Murray’s annual average for his total contract that runs through 2028 works out to $37.956 million a season. (The five-year extension has a $46.1 million average.) The A’s payroll for this season is $48.5 million for 2022, according to Spotrac.

“I’m where I want to be,” the quarterback said, smiling.

For what it’s worth, the A’s still retain Murray’s baseball rights.

7 responses to “Kyler Murray on putting his baseball career to rest: I’m where I want to be

  1. You can make bigger money in football faster than in baseball. But it’s rare that you’ll have a longer career in football.
    If you can deal with the physical punishment, then football is the right choice.

  2. don’t think this guy has either the temperament or the physique to make this work out for the cardinals. but i know the agent that reps the gm the coach and qb is happy as a pig in the mud….

  3. Once he got the money, that’s where he wanted to be. The biggest prima donna in the NFL. Not worth the money.

  4. Billy Beane and Moneyball is a joke. They have never won a Pennant under the Beane way of doing things (22+ years)

    Cmon Kyler.. give up on that football nonsense and go play in front of 6,000 fans in Jokeland.

    Who am I kidding .. if he proved himself any good the lame A’s would trade him away.

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