Kyler Murray’s new deal has $9.3 million in offseason workout bonuses

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray skipped most of the team’s voluntary offseason program in 2022, as he tried to get a new contract. The new contract that he got gives him plenty of reasons to voluntarily participate in future offseason programs.

Per a league source, the contract includes $9.3 million in workout bonuses, tied to participation in the offseason program.

Given the magnitude of the deal, it’s not a gigantic incentive. But it’s very unusual for a team to tie so much cash to showing up for voluntary workouts.

Obviously, they want him there for OTAs and other offseason preparations. They also may realize that, within three years or so, he may regard his contract as obsolete — and he may start trying to get a new one.

That’s the other reality of the deal. Even though it lasts for seven years, Murray undoubtedly will be looking for an adjustment as the market changes and the cap climbs. Maybe in as soon as three years from now. If he decides to withhold voluntary services in the offseason as he tries to get an adjustment, he’ll be sacrificing some fairly large checks.

4 responses to “Kyler Murray’s new deal has $9.3 million in offseason workout bonuses

  1. Wentz and Geoff probably wanted market adjustments on their deal as well, doesn’t always work out.

  2. The clause is simply punishment for skipping OTA’s while lobbying for a new contract. Since it will be spread out over the next 6 years it’s basically, what? $1.5m or so per year. He’s not going to care about losing $1.5m to market adjust to $50m/yr.

    …not that he’s worth that.

  3. Thanks to the Biden Economy I got a whole $930 in quarterly bonus. So there is that.

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