Logan Ryan: I wouldn’t close the door on Rob Gronkowski returning

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Add someone else to the list of people who don’t necessarily believe Rob Gronkowski is truly done playing football.

Though Gronkowski announced his second retirement in June, several people — including his own girlfriend — have publicly said that they think he’ll play again.

Defensive back Logan Ryan played with Gronkowski from 2013-2016 on the Patriots and would be his teammate again on the Buccaneers should the tight end elect to return. In a Friday interview with NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Ryan detailed why he’s not convinced Gronkowski’s retired for good.

“I wouldn’t close the door, but I definitely think that he’s at peace with his career,” Ryan said. “He’s a Hall of Famer and arguably the greatest tight end of all time. I’ve been with him, I’ve seen what he’s played through and his body has been beat up through the years. He definitely leaves it all out there. So, I’m not one to speak on it because I put a long soliloquy of a tweet out — all 140 characters — when Tom retired. And then he unretired on me. So, I didn’t put a long tweet out for Gronk.

“You never know, players are taking ownership nowadays and reporting their own news. They’re taking breaks, they’re taking hiatuses and coming back to the sport. And you’re allowed to do that. Either way, I’m proud of Gronk. I’m happy for Gronk. He’s definitely the greatest tight end that I’ve ever played with.”

Gronkowski has basically become the little boy that cried “retire” in that no one really seems to believe him — even though he continues to insist he’s truly done.

If it turns out he isn’t, Gronkowski will surely be welcomed back to the Bucs with open arms.

13 responses to “Logan Ryan: I wouldn’t close the door on Rob Gronkowski returning

  1. Maybe Gronk wouldn’t keep insisting he’s truly retired if people would quit asking him about it.

    Interesting point of Logan Ryan’s about players taking a hiatus. Probably for most players, when you’re done you’re done, but there is likely a significant minority who could come back rested, rehabbed and recharged after taking a season off. If that became a regular deal, maybe people wouldn’t carp about players retiring and un-retiring.

  2. Of course he’s coming back. The league has already promised the Lombardi to Brady. Instant ring for him.

  3. Honestly, I am embarrassed that Brady and Gronk are now embarrassing the Patriots franchise, but this is why BB walked and I am very glad he did. He simply had enough of the drama twins. It’s so ludicrous for adults to conjnure up ways to generate attention for themselves on an almost weekly basis. They represent all that is wrong in our society now. Just because you make a lot of money and have success and fame, doesn’t mean people won’t change their opinion of you and what you earned, if you act like Spalding Smails on a daily basis. It’s a massive turn off and you’re just ruining your reputation by the year.

    If this waas happening in NE right now, the team would be reeling and completely discombobulated, and thankfully BB saw that and pulled the plug on it. I just wonder how bad it was with how quiet he kept it, prior to 2018? I mean, the drama was probably going on behind closed doors for years. The irony of Tom Brady going down the road of a Terrell Owens. Who woud have thunk it? I certainly wouldn’t have in a million years. I was always so proud of the no drama, low maintenance non-selfish Pats teams Brady was a part of.

    People need to realize, you can’t just assume TB is still as good as 2 years ago, probably at their peak as team, and they will just coast to the NFC title game. It’s not quite that simple.

    They’re worse than 2020 and last year, and it’s not some slam dunk. When this season ends, if Brady moves on and leaves a huge pile of crap for Licht to clean up, where Licht will eventually lose his job after the 2020 SB honeymoon sheen wears off, it will be a long time before Tampa is sniffing the playoffs again. It could be a decade.

  4. Players are doing what I’ve been advocating for NFL payers to do (which means nothing as I’m a literal nobody) and that’s to take breaks. If they can afford to do so they should do it. Ricky Williams took his little sabbatical and came back stronger. Same with Randall Cunningham. Same with Gronk. The NFL off-season isn’t long enough to truly heal from the years of damage for vet players.

  5. Tom Brady is nothing without Belichick or an all star team around him.

    If he was he would have blown the Patriots right out of their own stadium last October. Instead he looked shook weak and pathetic and ended up with a career passer rating against Belichick lower than Brian Hoyer’s and Tim Tebow’s. 😂

    Yikes! That’s the guy that the fan club wants Belichick to be fired for letting go? 😂😂😂

  6. The pats reputation wasn’t ruined by Gronk or Brady. The pats reputation was ruined when they drafted Aaron Hernandez with a win at all costs mentality. And please don’t tell me BB didn’t know about his past. We all know he does his homework.

  7. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    July 22, 2022 at 1:36 pm
    Beware of Belichick’s castoffs.

    Beware of Jets fans posing as Patriots fans

  8. I know someone besides Brady that’s weak and pathetic. But he’s much worse. He’s not a famous wealthy Champion, married to a supermodel, adored
    by millions and revered as the GOAT

  9. “adored by millions”
    Adored? Lol. Anyone who adores a professional athlete who couldn’t care less about them or whether they even exist has some issues man. 🙂

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