Rams’ Super Bowl LVI ring gives a subtle, final middle finger to St. Louis

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With training camps opening, the Rams have put a bow on the prior season by putting rings on their fingers. In so doing, the L.A. Rams have given one last middle finger to St. Louis.

Instead of displaying a pair of Lombardi Trophies, given that the Rams won the Super Bowl in 1999 while headquartered in Missouri, this Super Bowl LVI ring shows only a single Lombardi. It’s a not-so-subtle way of ignoring the 20 years the franchise spent in St. Louis, between stints in L.A.

Like the Tampa Bay ring over a year ago, the top of the Rams’ ring detaches, revealing a tiny replica of the interior of SoFi Stadium, site of the team’s home games and their championship victory over the Bengals.

Yes, these rings keep getting bigger and better. And maybe it makes people like owner Stan Kroenke and COO Kevin Demoff feel better about the messy divorce with St. Louis, capped by litigation that resulted in a $790 million settlement. Regardless, the ring that commemorates the latest Super Bowl win by the franchise ignores the fact that the franchise won a Super Bowl to cap the 1999 season.

21 responses to “Rams’ Super Bowl LVI ring gives a subtle, final middle finger to St. Louis

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for St Louis. The Rams left So Cal for St Louis before they left St Louis for So Cal.

  2. Why in the world would the Rams rings need to have any acknowledgement of St. Louis? What kind of sense would that make? Especially considering that they just sued the Rams.
    The LA Rams won the Super Bowl in their home stadium in LA. The rings properly commemorate that.
    Besides…who has the Super Bowl trophy that they won in St. Louis? The family of Georgia Frontiere? I doubt that they gave it to Stan when she passed away.
    This Super Bowl belongs entirely to Los Angeles.

  3. They’re celebrating the championship they just won. They had their own distinct SB rings made to celebrate the 1999 one.

    I noticed their rings didn’t reference the 1951 or 1945 championships. Then again, who said they had to.

  4. Yet more definitive proof that we should stop kowtowing to these billionaires who treat cities and their populace like coffers and then turn their backs and up the pettiness on the coffers when tapped dry. All St. Louis did was give these people a home for 20 years. The nerve of them.

  5. Why acknowlege a city that didnt want to put any effort in keeping your team there?? St Louis is in the rear view now.

  6. For me – the Rams have become one of the most hate-able franchises in the NFL – right there with the Cowboys

  7. So sick of people complaining about the Rams leaving St. Louis. The City refused on multiple occasions to upgrade the Edward Jones dome as it was contractually required to do. If the good people of St. Louis have a beef it with their own city leaders at the time, not the Rams or the league.

  8. Slow news day? Curious why the need to create a controversy that isn’t there. Seems to me that the two palm trees on the ring represent two championships.

  9. They are such an obnoxious franchise from Kroenke all the way down the towel boy. Just awful and phony.

  10. I’m tired of hearing from/about St Louis. Seriously. I am not going to go so far as to say they didnt want the Rams, I dont think thats accurate. But they played the game. They didnt want them if they had to do anything to keep them. They didnt want to pony up and essentially dared Kroenke to leave. He did. Here we are. And the city got something like $800 million from Kroenke.

  11. I just bought my replica super bowl ring at Walmart for ONLY $9.99.!!! It’s cool looking. Ha ha

  12. Kind of a strange deal, Stan wanted St Louis to build him a new stadium and them pay for it, but he goes to LA, and builds a new stadium on his own dime.

    St Louis has been jobbed a few times, the football Cardinals were always threatening to move and finally did. James Busch Orthwein was promised an expansion team for bailing out the Patriots, and when the NFL reneged, he was going to move the Patriots but Bobby “Massage Parlor” Kraft wouldn’t let him out of his stadium lease. So he said the hell with it. I think St Louis is content to be rid of the NFL; it has a legendary baseball team and a pretty darn good hockey team too. And they make beer there.

    I’m happy that LA got their team back, I just wish they’d give the Chargers back to San Diego.

  13. St Louis, you deserve an apology by the journalist for TRYING to put you in the crosshairs of a middle finger. The two palm trees on the ring honored the championship won by the greatest show on turf AND THE L.A. RAMS

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