David Bakhtiari placed on PUP

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions
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The Packers placed nine players on active/physically unable to perform Friday. The news appeared encouraging for left tackle David Bakhtiari since he wasn’t on the list.

But on Saturday, the team placed the five-time All-Pro on PUP.

It came only a few weeks after coach Matt LaFleur said he expected Bakhtiari to be ready for the start of training camp.

Bakhtiari injured his knee during practice on Dec. 31, 2020, undergoing surgery to repair his ACL as well as damage to his meniscus. Bakhtiari needed draining of the knee multiple times last season because of fluid buildup, and doctors finally found additional cartilage damage that required an operation last November.

Bakhtiari played 27 snaps at Detroit in Week 18 but then missed the playoff loss to the 49ers.

He sat out the offseason practices to get ready for camp, but it now appears his return to practice will be further delayed.

Players on active/PUP can be activated at any point before the start of the regular season, but they cannot practice until then.

35 responses to “David Bakhtiari placed on PUP

  1. The guy got a big contract weeks before his injury.
    I bet that made his rehab a little better; amazing 20 months later he’s not right.
    Shows you the human body listens to no man.

  2. The guy was one of, if not the best left tackles in the NFL. Sad news for him, sadder for the Pack. Salary cap is one bummer but no team wants to lose a guy of his talent. At this point you have to wonder if the guy ever plays football again,….bummer

  3. PUP or not, I think we should keep him. Makes us look good on paper, and as long as that’s the case we will be the favorites to win the SB (on paper, of course).

  4. I think that he is probably done. Big guys have a hard time even walking after being in the trenches never mind with the knife going in several times. Said that last year – but what was the Pack last year 13-3? Good thing that the Pack has picked up and played a lot of other Oline guys with the injuries last year. I just wanted Bak in and the line to become better blockers for Jones and Dillon especially in the Red Zone.

  5. One Ring Blunder says:
    PUP or not, I think we should keep him.


    Who is this “we” you speak of?

  6. This guy was one of the best in the game. Now he’s falling into the same category as Jason Peter’s. Great LT’s but probably time to wrap it up and think about your future. This should be his final season in my opinion.

  7. Thanks for the work, Charean. Yeah when it had to get re-drained and re-drained and everybody went radio-silent, it wasn’t good. Inquiring minds wonder who in medical chain missed what, how, and is *that* eval process addressed yet. Too good of a vibe about that character to lose, let alone the player, but big-guys and this kind of time isn’t a good sign. Too-early for next-man-up…again.

  8. Was really surprised they restructured his deal. Just makes it harder to trade or cut him because of kicked salary cap

  9. The Packers missed their usual “spidey-sense” on this one. He should’ve been sent packing before the huge payday. Oh well, win some, lose some.


  10. Heck of a player but if someone told me his career is over for all practical reasons I wouldnt be shocked. He never will be the player he was. His counterpart Beluga suffered the same injury and was hurt often trying to comeback and never regained his status as an elite lineman

  11. Packers should trade for Eagles Andre Dillard. Probably can get him for a 4th or 5th rd pick.

  12. This is perfect example why talented players need to get as much money as possible from the owners while their value is high! You just never know when it all going to be over.

  13. Sad to say, if he’s not ready yet to get back on the field after this much time to heal, he may never be. If not, huge blow to Packers line and hoping he then retires so they can utilize some of those salary cap dollars to replace him. That OL took a beating last year injury wise!

  14. Rogers couldn’t take care of Bakhtiari’s knee, but he made sure the Packers took care of his wallet. If the Pack hadn’t done that, I believe Rogers would not have stayed.

  15. Bummer. Looking like it is over for him, and that is a shame.

    Great player who will certainly be in the Packers HOF.

  16. One of my favorite players, well at least to the extent a Packer could be one of a Viking fan’s favorite players. If he’s on PUP 20 months after a surgery that with modern medical treatment is now a 10 month recovery, it doesn’t look good.

  17. I’ve been following NFL football for seven decades. This is a highly unusual injury and leads me to believe if he’s starting farting around with it at the end of training camp he’s done.

  18. stellarperformance says:

    He should’ve been sent packing before the huge payday. Oh well, win some, lose some.
    Though GB could have waited until the off-season they extended Bak and he blew his ACL like 2-3 weeks later in the champ game.

    At no point was GB ever planning to “send him packing”. unfortunate injury, fortuitous timing for Bak, I’m good with that… let karma decide. next man up isn’t last man forgotten and 4 months until the playoff stretch. Good luck Bak.

  19. Between him and Jenkins being done, they’re going to be hurting at the beginning of the season.

  20. Wow, ton of half glass empty comments here. There is zero reason to rush him back. Zero. Either he’s having legitimate recurring issues and the injury will be the end of him or GB is being cautious after putting him on the field last year to test him out before the playoff game because Jenkins was on IR and they realized it was too soon.

    I’ve had 8 knee surgeries with ACL, two meniscus and a femoral bone chip and several attempts to regrow cartilage that ultimately led to a knee replacement 3 years ago. My quality of life is perfectly fine. If Bakh can’t go because he can’t play football that’s one thing. And if he’s still on PUP at preseason game 1 then my guess is he’s done.

  21. cheeseisfattening says:
    July 24, 2022 at 1:30 pm
    but what was the Pack last year 13-3?

    1 and done


    Yup…..and only 1 SB appearance ….

    Pretty mediocre

  22. cheeseisfattening says:

    but what was the Pack last year 13-3?

    1 and done
    Says the guy who roots for a team that has never won anything EVER.

  23. cheeseisfattening says:
    July 24, 2022 at 1:30 pm
    1 and done

    Since winning the SuperBowl in 2010, the Packers have qualified for the postseason in nine of the following ten seasons. In that time, the Packers were one-and-done just one time……..in 2013 in the Wildcard Game against San Francisco.

    Write it down.


  24. Bakhtiari could chew his own leg off, like an animal caught in a trap, and still be better than whatever Lavender Larry trots out there.

    That’s just science.

  25. Satan says:

    Who is this “we” you speak of?


    Since Bhaktiari is signed to the Packers, and Rodgers the current QB on the same team who has one ring, common sense would point to the ‘we’ the poster refers to as being the Packers. What do you think?

  26. Satan says:

    Who is this “we” you speak of?


    It’s exhausting having to explain everything to the green and yellows

  27. common sense would point to the ‘we’ the poster refers to as being the Packers.
    common sense should stop pointing to the half-wits who think a pretend persona account has wit!

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