NFL has no update on Stephen Ross investigation

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On February 1, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores alleged, among other things, that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered $100,000 per loss during the 2019 season, in the hope of securing the first pick in the 2020 draft. The league launched an investigation.

Nearly six months later, the investigation remains unresolved. The NFL told PFT via email on Friday night that there is “no update” on the situation.

That was the same thing Commissioner Roger Goodell said during his most recent press conference, following quarterly ownership meetings in May. And, as we said at the time, how hard can it be to complete the investigation?

The league hired Mary Jo White to handle the probe. As previously reported by PFT, Flores cooperated fully with the league’s investigation into the question in April.

What else needs to be done? Interview Ross. Interview other top executives with the team, from co-owner Bruce Beal to team president Tom Garfinkel to G.M. Chris Grier to anyone Flores claims heard Ross make the offer.

Early in the process, NFL Network and reported (until it didn’t) that an unnamed witness corroborated Flores. That’s an obvious avenue for investigation, given that the report came from an employee of the NFL itself.

Despite a preliminary sense in league circles that Ross could have a problem, the league has a larger issue. The Flores lawsuit.

In the initial complaint, the cash-for-clunking allegation wasn’t tied to any specific legal theory. The amended complaint specifically alleged that the termination of Flores’s employment was motivated in whole or in part by his decision to blow the whistle on the efforts of Ross to deliberately lose games.

If the NFL’s investigation concludes that Ross did it, the NFL will have made the Flores case stronger. There’s no way the NFL wants to do that.

Unless, of course, the league manages to move the Flores case to the league’s secret, rigged kangaroo court. If the motion to compel arbitration succeeds, then a finding that Ross crossed the line won’t matter as much to the Flores case, since the league will fully control the arbitration and the outcome.

If that’s what the league is waiting for, the delay will become even more conspicuous, because it could still be months before a final decision is made on whether the Flores case will be required to go to arbitration. But it’s already conspicuous, another example of the league tiptoeing on eggshells around the oligarchs who hire, pay, and retain the Commissioner and those who work for him — while simultaneously hammering players like Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley, who merely used an app on his phone while away from the Falcons to make a modest parlay wager and got summarily suspended for at least an entire year.

29 responses to “NFL has no update on Stephen Ross investigation

  1. Even if Ross did what was alleged he will not be punished because the league does not punish their owners.

  2. It’s clear to everyone that Goodell is doing everything in his power to completely sweep this under the rug.

    The league has never cared one bit about competitive integrity.

  3. It’s time for these owners to get smacked down, according to the higher standards they are held to…

  4. Maybe someone should set up a Twitter feed tracking the investigation, like the one on the location of Snyder’s yacht. That seems to make a BIG difference in how things turn out.

    Day 102: No update
    Day 103: No update
    Day 104: No update
    Day 105 . . .

  5. The NFL does NOT investigate / penalize owners. Rappaport confirmed such in recent interview when questioned about Kraft/Watson cases being similar and his response was. ‘It’s not the same, Kraft is an owner’. Damning evidence, considering Rappaport is a league EMPLOYEE.

  6. So long as the NFL makes boatloads of money nothing will ever happen to the owners.
    Players on the other hand are replaceable.

  7. They league should remove the part about the owners being held to a higher standard due to the fact that we are not going to enforce this.

  8. Instead of asking what else needs to be done you should be asking Brian Flores to provide evidence of these so far unproven accusations. He’s made some serious accusations that need to be supported by some type of concrete evidence. Do you have any emails? Bank statements showing extra $100,000 deposits? Text messages from Mr.Ross? Anything other than just YOU claiming those conversations occurred? Don’t you think any of those things I just mentioned would have already been leaked if they existed?

  9. The NFL. What a shady organization. The general public is hooked because of the quality of the product but the business side stinks to high heavens.

  10. “Early in the process, NFL Network and reported (until it didn’t) that an unnamed witness corroborated Flores. That’s an obvious avenue for investigation, given that the report came from an employee of the NFL itself.”

    Yeah. I have no idea why fans support the billionaires.

  11. I can’t believe the union is not in an uproar regarding this. Players are punished under an archaic system, but the NFL stonewalls any investigation into owners. There is no justice.

  12. Roger: “Look, Steve & Dan… Just bear with this and sit tight, OK? You know we have to announce these sham investigations to get the public off our backs. So we’ll make some statements that we’re doing something, wait a few months, and by the time training camp is going full force, the public will be so starved for football, they’ll forget all about this stuff.
    Just so you know…to be clear…we’re not really going to do anything. So no worries, OK? Alright, good talk.”

  13. You want an update? Roger is holding up the rug and just waiting on a broom…

  14. I get the Ridley suspension seems out of whack but I think that might have been the point. Go over the top hard on the first offender to squash the thought anyone else might have of placing a bet on NFL games while being employed by the NFL. Period. Exclamation Point.

  15. Don’t you think any of those things I just mentioned would have already been leaked if they existed?
    They have not been leaked therefore they do not exist. Got it. Rene Descartes once said “I think therefore I am.” Doesn’t this sort of logic imply if you don’t think, you don’t exist?

    Those things have not been leaked because the league leakers have deemed it is not in their best interest to do so.

  16. I wonder about people who express aggravation with Flores’ claim. Do they really think owners are too ethical to deliberately tank and reward their team leaders for the effort (or lack thereof)? NFL owners are amoral human beings. And there is plenty of evidence that such chicanery is not uncommon. Don’t be so naive.

  17. Who cares if teams tank or not. Why is this even an issue? We see it happen in baseball and hockey all the time at the trade deadline. Players get dealt for future draft picks. That’s also ranking.

  18. bocasbob says:
    July 23, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    I can’t believe the union is not in an uproar regarding this. Players are punished under an archaic system, but the NFL stonewalls any investigation into owners. There is no justice.

    This isn’t the law or the government, “justice” has nothing to do with it. Both the players and the owners are subject to rules they agreed to follow.

    Owners cutting players but players stuck with teams? That’s part of the agreement.
    Owners held to different rules than players? That’s part of the agreement.
    Punishments undefined and varying? That’s part of the agreement.
    Owners can partner with casinos while players can’t go near them? That’s part of the agreement.
    Owners can wear whatever they want on game day but players get fined if they do? That’s part of the agreement.

    If you are wondering why the players aren’t in an uproar over this, it’s because following the agreement allows players to achieve their lifelong dreams of fame and riches.

  19. If there was ANY evidence it would be out already. We all know Ross (and any Owner) will never be held accountable and I find it even more ironic the Flores has gone silent on this too. He made stuff up because he was mad at being fired. Now he has a Gig and wants this all to go away. He should be held accountable for his accusations; just as Ross should be if it is true… and I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to document this offer. Tanking is real and the Dolphins DID NOT TANK. If they did, Joe Burrow would be in a Fins Uniform. Case Closed.

  20. Miami started 0-7 that year because of the lack of talent on the team. The 2 starting tackles that year won’t start for any other team, ever at the tackle spot. Jesse Davis was humiliated last year as a starting RT. They started 2 rookie guards, one of which is no longer on the team.

    And their Center that year, when he did play was OK, but he isnt even in the league anymore.

    Skill positions? Seriously? The best player was a 30+ yr old journeyman QB who still ended up the season with 20 TDs and 13 INTs.

    The tank was in once Miami moved Tunsil and replaced him with a turnstil called Davenport.

  21. Flores would have a better shot at collecting if he was one of the Massage Therapists going after Dashaun Watson.

  22. All of you know deep down, Flores is telling the truth. It’s not a far stretch at all. Tanking is a real thing. But the problem I have with Flores is, he played the game and was all in. If you gonna cry wolf, do it from the outset. File your complaint the day after Ross said it, otherwise shut up and go away.

  23. If the league blames Ross they can then say thats the reason he was fired, rather than race issues, and the Dolphins are responsible.

    Its actually a win for the league.

  24. Since no payment was ever made and it’s all in who you believe, what can he be punished for? I mean you can say you’re going to rob a bank but until you actually do it, you haven’t committed any crime.

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