With court date looming, NFL continues to monitor Alvin Kamara case

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara faces felony battery charges arising from an incident occurring during the weekend of the Pro Bowl. The situation was bad enough to get the NFL to make a quick change to one of the displays at the NFL Experience during Super Bowl week, with Kamara erased and teammate Cam Jordan becoming the replacement.

As PFT has reported, Kamara is bracing for a six-game suspension, along with a civil lawsuit.

Kamara’s case returns to court on August 1. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that the situation remains under review.

The problem for the league is that it typically prefers not to act while criminal charges are pending. The criminal charges against Kamara, barring a plea deal, could be pending for a while.

The question becomes whether the league office would put Kamara on paid leave pending the resolution of the case. Consider the following language for the Personal Conduct Policy, regarding one of the circumstances justifying placement of a player on the Commissioner-Exempt list.

“First, when a player is formally charged with: (1) a felony offense; or (2) a crime of violence, meaning that he is accused of having used physical force or a weapon to injure or threaten a person or animal, of having engaged in a sexual assault by force or against a person who was incapable of giving consent, or having engaged in other conduct that poses a genuine danger to the safety or well-being of another person.”

Because the league typically waits to act until it has to do so, it’s unclear whether paid leave is on the table. Based on the plain terms of the policy, it could be.

The situation places extra pressure on Kamara to resolve the situation, perhaps by pleading guilty. If the case lingers, and if paid leave happens, Kamara could (in theory) miss all or most of the season.

The league ultimately has to ask itself whether the pending charges against Kamara would be a major distraction, if he’s allowed to play while the case proceeds. The alleged victim is a grown man, not a woman or a child. The NFL may feel less concerned about letting Kamara play, under these circumstances.

Regardless, some big decisions need to be made — sooner or later. And maybe sooner.

12 responses to “With court date looming, NFL continues to monitor Alvin Kamara case

  1. …..and yet the Vikings and the league still remain silent on Dalvin Cook’s misogynistic behavior, going on almost 2 years now.

  2. Cover up is less likely due to the video. Then again, Ray Rice’s video barely got Goodell to act.

    I wonder if the Saints owner has a membership to Pebble Beach?

  3. Felony assault is a heinous crime, regardless of whether the victim is a grown man, woman, or child. It is simply more heinous when committed against the latter two. The NFL should not differentiate when it comes to levying consequences based on the gender or age of the victim.

  4. Given his history,or lack of other than that of all good in the community and nfl, league action,if any should be withheld until after legal case has been resolved.

  5. This is silly. Suspend him–now. You can’t assault people and expect there to be no consequences. Then throw him in the pokey for a little.

  6. To make matters worst then the already barbarian attitude Kamara showed..he was arrested on the field during the probowl. Talk about Black eye. Suspend him now (with pay if NESSASARY and show the NFL world that the NFL will not tolerate this type of player wearing the NFL badge no matter how good you play football.

  7. This happened before the game…he was allowed to play anyway. If you are a popular/star player, the rules do not apply. He should have been sitting in jail all this time, imo. Another reason to avoid the NFL..

  8. They can’t suspend him and Jerry Jeudy gets nothing. I don’t condone either act but come on man. 10 games a piece.

  9. Let’s not forget that video surveillance shows Kamara punching a man *eight* times (at least 3 of which were when the guy was on the ground) before his associates proceeded to stomp on him several more times.

    Ask yourself why Saban got rid of him and why he dropped so many rounds in DRAFT…it’s obvious.

  10. Indefinite suspension!!! Am I doing this right on how to get thumbs up on every legal or political issue on every NFL employee?

  11. Any other employer would have fired him immediately. The NFL allows players to get away with anything so long as it doesn’t hurt their revenue.

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