Bears unveil orange helmets


The return of the two-helmet rule has prompted several teams to make good decisions regarding an alternate look. History will judge whether the Bears have done so.

The Bears unveiled on Sunday an orange helmet with a blue C and a blue face mask. They’ll wear them on Thursday, October 13 against Washington at Soldier Field and on Sunday, October 30 at Dallas.

The orange helmets will be paired with orange jerseys.

We recommend not starting directly into the combination, lest your rods and cones get all screwed up.

5 responses to “Bears unveil orange helmets

  1. At least they didn’t go with black. That makes them unique, opposed to the typical, unoriginal, cliché choice of black that most teams have gone with for the past 20 or so years.

  2. I would leave orange to the pros – Denver, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay’s epic throwbacks. But at least it’s not black or white or lead or something else equally random.

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