Cardinals unveil black helmets for 2022

The questionable orange Bears helmets have been balanced out by an alternate helmet from a team that once played its home games in Chicago.

The Cardinals have unveiled black helmets for 2022. Up close, the base color has a red sparkle to it, which makes it even better.

The Cardinals have not yet announced when the black helmets will be worn. They’ll said simply that they’ll be used in “select” games.

That’s smart. Stretch it out. Make news multiple times.

Still, what is it with teams unveiling alternate helmets on a Sunday? It makes far more sense to do it on a work day.

UPDATE 4:15 p.m. ET: The Cardinals already have announced that the black helmets will be worn on August 21 vs. the Ravens, on October 9 vs. the Eagles, and on October 20 vs. the Saints.

20 responses to “Cardinals unveil black helmets for 2022

  1. They chose Sunday to hype people up for when there are games on Sunday. Slowly shift how people think about their Sundays. And it is new and visual, the easiest way to get people. The Cardinals helmet might be my favorite alternate that’s come out.

  2. There isn’t anything “questionable” about the Bears’ orange gear. Orange is one of their actual primary team colors.

    The black uni/helmet trend is tiresome and lazy. It makes everyone look alike and sublimates the real team colors.

    When did pro sports become so afraid of color? Making everything dark takes away all the character. If you want something “questionable”, that’s a better candidate.

  3. Ofc they went with black. Why be unique and original when you can copy the same cliche trend half the teams have gone with for the past 20 years? The red sparkle is cool though, hopefully that pops during games cause it would be a shame if on game day it looks like just another basic black helmet 😴. At least the Bears are trying to step outside the box and do their own thing, which is more deserving of credit than just copy and pasting black uniforms and helmets from other teams

  4. With a number of teams opting for an alternate black helmet, I would be curious to hear from a professional who would know the answer to this…
    Won’t the color black accentuate player’s temperatures under a warm, sunny day? Is there some sort of unseen reflective component to the paint job?

  5. 1ST off change your name to the empty lake Meader’s or something other then cardinals a dumb name for a desert team .

  6. What a bunch of baloney. If your team colors don’t include black or it isn’t a primary team color back off.

    Leave it for the teams that have black in their color scheme, ya wannabee copy cats.

  7. Personally I’d want to break out a “special” look for a rivalry game. But that’s just me.

  8. thought it was a bird thing… till i saw the saints… or is there a bird called a saint?
    black uni’s for a red and white team sounds dumb… additional sales i guess though…

  9. Those are sharp looking but im pretty sure it wont help them win any games. I see a losing record for them. No De-hop

  10. Borrring. It seems like half the league is about a decade behind trendy. Must have commissioned these back in like 2015 and sat waiting for permission to use them.

    Now a matte brown Browns helmet….I’ll check that out!

  11. The Falcons, a team whose standard helmet is black, is going back to historical red for its alternate. Makes sense, especially since Falcon colors are red/black. But when the Cards, Jets, Eagles, etc wear black alternate helmets, it shows they are struggling with their authenticity, that they’re unsure what their brands truly represent.

  12. There is nothing wrong with the Cardinals logo. It’s a classic logo and it looks good on their white helmet. For some reason though the logo looks more cartoonish on the black helmet. Doesn’t look as good. And I agree that the alternate black helmet for every team is just lazy these days.

  13. Given how overrated and inauthentic these dark helmets are, I’m sure Kliff came up with this idea

  14. Miami needs to return to their old Dolphin helmets. Those were great. I liked the old school Cincinnati helmets with Bengals on the side. The Steelers helmets are cool. But make no mistake, the Silver Raiders helmet is the best and there’s no close second.

  15. Why?
    I think the Dolphins should have a black helmet too. Absolutely stupid trend.

  16. Supposedly Cards will only wear the black helmets with their black alternate uniforms and their black and red color rush uniforms. Going to look great!

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