Heat forces Chiefs rookie Leon Chenal to leave practice early

Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp
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The first practice of training camp for the Chiefs’ rookies took place under a heat advisory on Saturday, and one player had to leave early.

Chiefs rookie linebacker Leo Chenal was carted to the locker room during practice, and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said afterward that the heat was the reason.

The heat got to him a little bit today, so we got him out of there,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star.

Heat at training camp practices is a major concern in the NFL since Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer died of heat stroke at training camp in 2001. Reid said the Chiefs will take necessary precautions.

“We just keep an eye on them, and they have to stay hydrated,” Reid said. “We’ll just keep slowing it down for them.”

Chenal is a third-round pick out of Wisconsin.

5 responses to “Heat forces Chiefs rookie Leon Chenal to leave practice early

  1. Have industrial size AC units outdoors under umbrella tents while players are watching practice…

  2. The heat is no joke. I was one of those subject to grueling two-a-days back in the day. Toughness has nothing to do with it… all it takes is one time.

  3. Showed 103 with 63 percent relative humidity. It doesn’t take much to put you on your ass.

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