Anthony Schwartz believes he shouldn’t be blamed for Baker Mayfield’s 2021 shoulder injury

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The promising Cleveland career of former Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield imploded in Week Two of the 2021 season, when Mayfield injured his non-throwing shoulder while making a tackle after throwing an interception.

For some reason, then-rookie receiver Anthony Schwartz shouldered the blame for the shoulder injury. Schwartz recently addressed the situation in comments to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“It mainly bothered me because I kind of felt like people were trying to blame me for something when we both did something wrong on that play,” Schwartz told Cabot last month, for an item that was posted on Monday. “I didn’t finish the play and I don’t think he made the right read, but we were both wrong and unfortunately it ended up like that.”

Mayfield overthrew Schwartz. Also, at the moment safety Justin Reid caught the ball, six Texans are visible in the screen in the vicinity of Schwartz.

“You don’t ever think [Reid’s] going to run all the way down and all of a sudden, he hits our quarterback in the shoulder and he tears his labrum,’’ Schwartz told Cabot. “A lot of things have to happen for that to happen, and it’s unfortunate. That’s one of the plays from last year that I wish I could take back. But at end of the day I don’t think it’s right for me to take all that blame. But as a rookie I couldn’t say anything. I just had to keep my head down and keep working and keep moving past it. . . .

“At the time, I felt I deserved it. I should have ran through the route and even if I don’t catch the ball, I probably can still break it up. But maybe the defense got Baker right there. Maybe he made the wrong read. There’s a lot of things that go into that play and you can’t just say, ‘Oh, he stopped on his route, it’s your fault.’”

It’s ultimately Mayfield’s fault for allowing his obvious frustration from throwing the interception to cause him to try to make the tackle. Quarterbacks always should stay away from the fray. Always. It’s not worth risking an injury. Let it be 11 on 10. Live to play another day.

Schwartz’s comments, at a deeper level, speak to the culture of the team with Mayfield at quarterback. Baker easily could have spoken up for Schwartz, accepting the blame for the throw and the tackle and the injury.

Cabot makes a couple of references in her article to the “Baker Bros,” fans of Mayfield who loudly believe he can do no wrong. That’s all the more reason for Mayfield to have provided some cover for Schwartz. And it perhaps help explain the conspicuous silence from other Browns players once it seemed clear that the Browns were looking to move on from Mayfield.

15 responses to “Anthony Schwartz believes he shouldn’t be blamed for Baker Mayfield’s 2021 shoulder injury

  1. Huh, who blames him for this? This is news to me, it’s always been Baker’s fault. Way to stay in the news I guess.

  2. I find it hard listening to anyone make excuses, but I find it impossible to listen to anyone make excuses while saying they don’t want to make excuses. Schwartz still sounds like a rookie, but, as its always been, the browns be the browns so nobody will be surprised by any of their baker bashing now

  3. It’s a play. Things happen. Blaming him is ridiculous and blaming baker for getting hit is stupid.

  4. it didnt matter in the big pic. HC and GM werent fans of 6 .. as they say they didnt draft him and werent happy with his play healthy or not..

  5. Schwartz should accept blame for quitting on the route. The continuation of the play cost Baker possibly $160M guaranteed. And that is on Baker.

  6. There’s only one time that a QB should risk that tackle and it’s during the 4th quarter of the Superbowl with the game on the line.

  7. Quarterbacks overthrow receivers all the time and no quarterback apologizes the receivers ask Steve Smith

  8. I blame Schwartz…run your damn route, completely, and the INT doesn’t happen, which means that yes, Schwartz is to blame for Mayfield’s injury.
    Man up, accept the blame and run your routes the way that Wes Welker runs them.

  9. Mayfield should have had more sense than to try to tackle a guy in the middle of the field, surrounded by other Browns and the interceptor had 20 yards of steam built up. However, Schwartz absolutely quit on the route. Had he run the entire route, there is no way there would have been an interception.
    I just hope Schwartz learned from that big mistake. Mayfield, too.

  10. We blame you Schwartz for that Baker Mayfield interception. Said no Browns fan EVER.

  11. If Baker doesn’t make the tackle he catches the Cam Newton shying away label. It is a no win situation.

  12. I’ve seen a few comments in which the commenters apparently are not aware of the amount of blame heaped on Schwartz for that route in which he quit. So, yeah, a lot of people blamed him.
    And yes, he has his share of blame for not finishing the route, but Mayfield also “shoulders” some for trying to make a tackle on a guy who had a full head of steam. Mayfield’s tackle form was understandably awful, to boot.

  13. Baker fans are obsessive and don’t have great people skills and berated the guy on social media for allowing Baker to throw the ball to the wrong guy when he was hurried instead of throwing it away then purposely running into a guy with a horrible, attempted arm tackle.

    I feel bad for Panthers fans as if it’s anything like I saw happen to the Browns fans who’ve had to deal with enough the last few decades all their media this season is going to be spammed with the Baker cult members bashing the Panthers every time he has a bad game. If Baker isn’t named Panthers starter it’s going to be way worse. Poor Browns fans are still stuck though as now they have to deal with the Anti-Watson club who’s probably going to work their way in. It sucks that these poor Browns fans have dealt with years of horrible football and now that their team is actually respectable, they aren’t even aloud to enjoy it because of trolls with an agenda who only care about 1 person on a 32 man roster.

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