Davante Adams attempts to clarify comment suggesting Derek Carr is a Hall of Famer

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
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New Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams raised some eyebrows on Friday when he said he was adjusting from playing with one Hall of Fame quarterback in Aaron Rodgers to playing with another Hall of Fame quarterback in Derek Carr. On Sunday, Adams attempted to clarify.

As soon as a reporter began to ask Adams about calling Carr a Hall of Famer, Adams acknowledged he knew his words were going to be thrown back at him.

“I was waiting for this. Oh, God, I was waiting for this,” Adams said.

Adams then clarified that he was just trying to talk about the adjustment between two quarterbacks he loves playing with, and not necessarily weighing in on Carr’s Hall of Fame credentials.

“What I meant to say was even if you go Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer it’s an adjustment. Even if it is Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer, there’s going to be an adjustment. I wasn’t saying Hall of Famer Aaron to Hall of Famer Derek. So I’m not retracting my statement at all,” Adams said.

Adams did acknowledge he could have phrased his comments better.

“I didn’t deliver that message the way I had it in my head,” Adams said. “I did not mean to say exactly that.”

15 responses to “Davante Adams attempts to clarify comment suggesting Derek Carr is a Hall of Famer

  1. No big deal but oh so controversial. Leave the guy alone . Of course he’s sticking up for his new guy. Duh, stop trying to blow the story up.
    It will all be answered ON the field.

  2. Devonte is allowed to have faith in his quarterback. This is getting tiresome.

  3. This whole episode shows how terrible members of the media can be.
    There was no reason to call him out for his comments. Yes it was hyperbole but so what? He was just voicing support for his new quarterback.

  4. He can believe whatever he wants.

    Patriot fans think Julian Edleman is a HOFr, for crying out loud!

  5. The dog-days of July, when everyone gets to run their mouth and optimism runs rampant… Don’t worry. Reality will be here soon.

  6. If Adams stays on the same trajectory or even improves with a new quarterback that he knows better than his previous one he certainly will be bound for the hall of fame at this rate. That’s right. Derek Carr still young hes not that old and that old and if he can put it together with the new regime and win a couple super bowls you never know maybe Derek Carr can make the whole effect it aint over till the fat lady sings baby

  7. Funny how the Raiders and Carr made the playoffs last year while the HOF Herbert and the Chargers did not….Russell Wilson is better than Carr?Maybe?Hard time proving it over the last couple of years in Seattle.Let’s be honest Metcalf and Lockett are better than Sutton and Jeudy as WRs, but Wilson is going to light it up?We will see.Carr took a team on the verge of self destruction to the playoffs with less talent than they have this year.Adams is definitley on the path to the HOF and now he paired with a real #2 in Renfroe and top 3 TE in Waller.No predictions here but the Raiders have as good of shot as anyone else in the division.

  8. Carr can easily be a Hall of Famer All he needs to do is win a super bowl and have a few more game winning drives. In reality, Carr’s career isn’t that much different from Rogers. Rogers has played much longer and has had better weapons. rogers has always had stud running backs and receivers. Carr hasn’t really had either. He may not be Rogers yet, but he can get there easily.

  9. The only way Carr makes it into the NFL hall of fame is if he buys a ticket.

  10. Devante Adams was just ranked as the 4th best player in the entire NFL by pro football focus

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