Kyler Murray admitted last year that he doesn’t spend extensive time watching film

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
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Monday’s stunning news that the new contract for Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray contains a homework clause wasn’t the product of randomness or coincidence. The Cardinals didn’t mandate a weekly commitment to engage in at least four hours of independent study if they believed Murray already was doing that, and then some.

The Cardinals, who made Murray look bad for not studying enough and themselves look worse for paying him that much money even though they think he doesn’t study enough, added that clause because they believed they needed it. They believed it based on, presumably, his actions through three years with the team.

Or, as the case may be, his admissions. In a New York Times profile from last December, Murray admitted that he doesn’t burn the midnight oil while studying pigskin celluloid.

“I think I was blessed with the cognitive skills to just go out there and just see it before it happens,” Murray said, via Sarah Kezele of 98.7 Arizona Sports. “I’m not one of those guys that’s going to sit there and kill myself watching film. I don’t sit there for 24 hours and break down this team and that team and watch every game because, in my head, I see so much.”

Apparently, he wasn’t sitting there for four hours. In a week. If he were, the “Independent Study” clause would be meaningless.

Some have tried to downplay the development. That’s a mistake, a misreading of the circumstances that led to the clause. It’s a huge deal. It’s an unprecedented acknowledgement by an NFL team that, as it makes a long-term commitment with more than $100 million fully guaranteed at signing to a franchise quarterback, the quarterback needs the possibility of losing all guarantees to get him to do what any true franchise quarterback will do without being told or even asked — study at least four hours per week on his own in advance of the next game.

Personally, I don’t know how much Kyler Murray does or doesn’t study. But I know this. The clause was put in the contract because the Cardinals have reason to believe that, without it, he may not study enough.

114 responses to “Kyler Murray admitted last year that he doesn’t spend extensive time watching film

  1. It’s a bad look for the Cardinals to reward someone who does a HA job preparing.

  2. I hear the hang up in Baltimore is centered around Bisciotti asking for a similar clause requiring Lamar to complete 4 passes a week.

  3. Nobody likes a multi-millionaire who doesn’t apply himself. Just ask Shaq about his first few years in the league. He learned real quick to practice the free-throw.

  4. If Murray doesn’t have the desire to work as hard as possible to be the best he can be and the Cardinals already knew this, they should have never given him the second contract. It’s not like his cognitive abilities and talent have been met with success.

  5. Well it sure explains a lot of things. I think they should have put in a clause requiring 8 hours a week in the last third of any regular season and post season. Maybe he won’t fold like an old rug if he studied more.

  6. That playoff game last year didn’t look like he knew what was happening even after it happened.

  7. “Because, in my head, I see so much”. Yep, you see your interceptions, fumbles, bad reads…you’re like the “A Beautiful Mind” guy! Seriously, I’m stunned the Cards hitched their wagon to this dope.

  8. This makes me respect a player like Peyton Manning even more. He practiced more diligently and studied more than practically any quarterback ever and after a Hall-of-Fame career he has surprised many by not jumping into coaching, being a GM or full-time broadcasting. His dedication to “homework” allowed him to lead a post-retirement life of leisure.

  9. I can’t criticize him. I try not to work more than 4 hours myself. I sure as hell won’t do any after hours work

  10. What a spoiled brat. Lol
    You’re making more than most Americans but you’re not fully dedicated to being the best you can be for the franchise that’s writing your checks, the fans and even your family and teammates. What the heck

  11. So if he doesn’t study for at least 4 hours a week they can cut up his contract at any time? Seems like an easy way to get rid of him if they wanted to.

  12. Kyler, do your homework first and then you can get on the Facegram. Oh, and clean your room before your father gets home.

  13. Unbelievable. WHY PAY THIS GUY?? My god, the greats spend 4 hours studying on their own every day before lunch… and how are they going to enforce this? Gonna have a hall monitor at his house watching him watch film??

    So embarrassing. You do NOT pay a guy like this.

  14. embarrassing. $20M last year and he couldn’t get properly prepared.

    Not the leader of men – pretty scary.

  15. Amazing that a Quarterback that spent ANY time around Larry Fitzgerald (a consummate professional) has to be pushed to try to improve his craft. Kyler Murray will never be a leader because of this type of thing. And he will never win anything. And he won’t care as long as he’s paid.

  16. Shame on this kid. A much more gifted football player, Michael Vick, took the same lazy approach, and wasted Hall of Fame potential. What are the Cardinals paying for, and why?

  17. Plenty of coaches and teammates who will gladly join him in watching films…. Great opportunity to deepen the bonds.

  18. Sounds like Arizona fans. I mean all 3 of them minus coaching staff and family. Have alot to be concerned with.

  19. “… because, in my head, I see so much.”

    He sees “so much” in his head because he can’t see much of the field as a 5’9 QB…

    What a mistake by the cardinals. Almost as bad as Cleveland!

  20. I said it before they signed this guy, and I’m gonna say it again. The only contract he would have gotten from me if I was calling the shots would have been a 4 year incentive laden contract. Just like Lamar Jackson he doesn’t have the talent to be the reason they’ll win a Superbowl. He’ll never single handily take over a football game like a Brady can, or a Rodgers can, or a Mahomes can. He’s not that guy, and he should have never been paid like that guy, and now we’re hearing he can’t even be bothered to watch film. Enjoy the mediocrity Arizona fans

  21. It’s sad someone pays you mega bucks and needs clauses to get you to work the nfl has really lost its way.

  22. I could have sworn on a very important play that resulted in a game ending interception in that Green Bay game Kyler was not on the same page with his Receivers which was echo by AJ Green himself after the game. A.J. Green: ‘We weren’t on the same page and it cost us’.

  23. On behalf of Rams fans, I encourage Kyler to continue his non-study habits.

  24. “I don’t sit there for 24 hours and break down this team and that team and watch every game because, in my head, I see so much.”

    – Willie Beamen

  25. So he didn’t try yet people wonder why he crash landed the 2nd half of the season. The Cards dropped the ball signing this bum for years to come.

  26. That helps explain the hot starts while fading down the stretch as defenses make adjustments. Can’t blame everything on injuries.

  27. Pretty embarrassing for this to blow up. There are people who have full time jobs compiling this stuff and it’s so easy to watch film anywhere these days. Hit the film dude.

  28. This is just another example of a person being to arrogant for their own good. Maybe this is one of the reasons that the Cards have been having issues late in the year because after 10 games the other teams have enough film from that year to gameplan better. Maybe this is the immaturity thing they were talking about, but for Kyler to think that he is just that much better than all of the QBs that are watching film is ridiculous and really stupid. Every player in the NFL that has the ability to be top 10 or 20 at their position is truly blessed when it comes to their genetics and for Kyler to act like he is so far above the other QB’s that he duznt need to watch film just would make it really hard for me to want to resign him if I was the GM. He already has issues with his size that make it harder for an OC to run an offense with him as the qb and his size also seems to lead to him getting hit harder when he gets sacked and he has the arrogance to say that he duznt need to watch film and tbh if a team has to force a player to watch 4 hours of film a week then that player is prolly a horrible team mate also because 4 hours is less than what I wud think the minimum for film shud be a week which is 8 hours.

  29. And yet he still got paid. AZ can’t win anything meaningful when they’re paying the 15th best QB, top 3 money. All while his lack of passion shines through.

  30. 4 hours of film study is still now very much. I coach high school football and our star players all watch at least that much each week.

  31. You don’t go give $240 million to QBs who say and do this. QBs that don’t prepare like nuts do not win. It really is that simple.

  32. His very first interview with his dad by Dan Patrick told you all you needed to know. Imbecile with a huge ego and an 85 IQ.

  33. I feel like this is going to add on to a narrative to him that I feel is unfair. And I get it the QB gets all the praise and all the blame, both which I think hare ridiculous but it is what it is. With that being said that, I feel like this is going to be used for the playoff flame-out even though the team was very bad all around in that game. They weren’t prepared at all, especially the o-line which was a down right disaster.

  34. good vs great – paycheck vs love … dude needs to give $$$ back and play baseball

  35. Reminds me of what went on in “Study Hall.” Sleeping, comic books, etc. hidden behind text books, passing notes, checking out girls. When this guy’s natural athletic gifts decline, something tells me he won’t be winning by outsmarting the defense.

  36. “Yes, yes of course. The Penske file! Ho ho, can’t wait to sink my teeth into that. Wow, that Penske. Well, we’ll straighten him out.”

  37. You’re not back at Oklahoma Kyler. Up here everyone is athletic. Film study makes a difference.

  38. So basically, Kyler Murray wanted to be paid as one of the highest paid QB’s in the league but he didn’t want to put in the work to be one of the best QB’s in the league. Ok, got it.

    Murray is a gimmick QB who NEEDS Kingsbury’s system. In any other system he busts. The Cardinals paying him virtually guarantees they have to keep Kingsbury as well because if they fire him, a new head coach will bring in his own offensive system and that’s where Murray busts. Then, you’re paying a QB top dollar who struggles in the offense.

    Putting it in writing that Murray HAS to study film tells everyone paying attention that he currently does not.

  39. I am honestly curious how they will enforce this.
    Maybe a device that records when he is studying?
    Curious if they can actually successfully void the contract.

  40. with his admission, he clearly thinks he is better than most because he can process things quickly. That ain’t gonna cut it in the nfl, to be the best you have to dedicate yourself to it, he is clearly not truly dedicated. HUGE mistake by the catds. They shoulod have known better, even contemplating addubg a clause like that should have been a huge red flag for them. within a few years they will be trying to get out of it pointing to his lack of commitment. (pretty sure they will use some form of spyware to show he is not living up to the agreement)

  41. Murray is a joke! Did the contract also ban him from scrubbing his social media accounts?

  42. Four hours per week is next to nothing. The Cardinals aren’t asking Murray for total commitment here. They’re begging him to be engaged and involved, and having to strong-arm your franchise QB into giving a crap is a bad sign. But this is where the NFL is now. Everybody’s so convinced they need a QB with freakish physical gifts that they’re willing to pay through the nose even for a guy who (seemingly) can’t be bothered to care.

  43. Obviously the best QBs in history were all film guys. If he’s not watching film, what’s he doing with his time? You can’t work out all day. When Someone is paid 46k they are expected to do their job 8 hours a day. Murray is paid 1000 times that, literally. He should be doing what his job requires every waking minute.

  44. Am I surprised… no… but all his huffing and puffing about getting paid and he doesn’t want to put in the time… the cardinals deserve this clown

  45. He doesn’t watch film and it shows come game time. I try not to compare QB’s to Tom Brady, but he does watch a lot of film and guess what, it shows.

  46. What do they expect for the chump change they’re paying him. Of course he’s only going to give the minimal effort for that sort of money.

  47. Cant top the raiders when the gave a DVD of there next opponent to JaMarcus Russell to watch tonight.. next day they ask .. you watched .. yea.. never did it was a BARNEY video.. Kyler Murray in for a long season..

  48. This kind of stuff must just slay poor Chris. Give him a hug for us (before reminding him to get back to work).

  49. Another QB who learned nothing from Mike Vick admitting that he couldn’t read defenses relying on his ability to win games early in his career. Kyler would be playing baseball if it paid more because he’s definitely not chasing greatness, only paidness.

  50. Not surprising. If you spend no time improving you craft you will not improve. It is that way in any profession. What is surprising is that he is foolish enough to admit it. Arizona is going to regret paying him all this money.

  51. I don’t blame Murray a bit for not studying. There are so many things outside the facility that he needs to do. Go to dinner, update his instagram account, do tic tocs and traveling the world. Why should he have to spend time studying if the rest of his teammates are out having fun?

  52. “I think I was blessed with the cognitive skills to just go out there and just see it before it happens,” Murray said, via Sarah Kezele of 98.7 Arizona Sports. “I’m not one of those guys that’s going to sit there and kill myself watching film. I don’t sit there for 24 hours and break down this team and that team and watch every game because, in my head, I see so much.” – – – When you have a clairvoyant QB and ESPN, you’re all set.

  53. The real head scratcher here is why, knowing this, would you give him that contract with 2 years remaining on his rookie deal plus franchise tag options. I predict Kingsbury will be fired after or during this season, when Murray doesn’t deliver.

  54. The great QBs today prepare obsessively. Both Mannings, Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, Herbert – they are all film nerds. And guess what? They also have amazing on-field instincts and “see the game.” The difference? They know that isn’t enough, and they put in the work to be great. Murray doesn’t seem to have the attitude to be great. Maybe he doesn’t want it badly enough.

  55. It’s nuts..QBs are historically overpaid and handicapping Teams. The Cardinals had to pay him to stay relevant

  56. I wonder if he saw that beating coming to him from the Rams in the wildcard game? The only bigger moron that Murray in this case is the idiot who signed off and agreed to still give him this money despite all of this. Steve Keim.

  57. So he wants to be the highest paid without putting in the work. Shocking here in the NFL….

  58. I’m sure he’ll be motivated to work a lot harder now that they are paying him $40 million a year.

  59. Man child. Card are going to be soooooooo sorry about that contract. Can’t wait to see Kyler’s next implosion.

  60. I see a trend here Oklahoma QB’s are as well trained for the NFL by Lincoln Riley as we
    ONCE thought they were.

  61. letsgonow says:
    July 25, 2022 at 9:24 pm
    Nobody likes a multi-millionaire who doesn’t apply himself. Just ask Shaq about his first few years in the league. He learned real quick to practice the free-throw.
    Shaq was always a horrible free-throw shooter. In fact, it took him 10 seasons after his rookie season to beat his rookie free-throw made percentage. #fastlearner

  62. Makes me very happy to see this wanna-be franchise tie themselves to this wanna-be superstar. A match made in heaven. No surprises here.

  63. Deshaun Watson’s $230 mil will look like pocket change within a year the way the league is going with these QB’s…

  64. wow, just look at the quote in the 4th paragraph, how much of an entitled child is he?? That is something a kid on my 12u team says not a supposed nfl franchise qb. these young people have no filter and feel so entitled that they can say what they want with no reprecussions, and these nfl teams keep paying and feeding these guys ego’s with millions of dollars after not even proving themselves. the nfl is in a sad state and all cause they are chasing a young franchise qb, how come you never hear mac jones or josh allen saying atuff like that? if you have to put a studying clause in a 24 yr old franchise qb’s contract and that doesnt raise red flags to mgmt and coaches then i dont know what does. he came out and said i dont need to study and learn tendencies and defensive formations, i am so amazingly talented and intelligent i basically have precognition and see what the d will do before they do it. how ridiculous does that sound, that coming out of his mouth should have been the biggest red flag ever, even if you feel that way dont say it.

  65. Apparently, the Cardinals haven’t heard of that old adage ‘you can lead a horse to water…’

    If studying game film is required, why offer him the contract in the first place?

  66. While some film study is important, the amounts that some players and coaches put into the task are ridiculous. We like to attribute Peyton Manning’s success to his fanatical film study efforts, but I’m certain there were more QBs who did as good or better with much less film and many more who did far worse the same amount of effort or even more.

  67. After the four hours of studying, will there be a multiple guess test, or an essay ?

  68. So? Tua doesn’t know the playbook. This guy doesn’t watch film and yet they get paid the same, or more, money than players with demonstrated dedication, talent and desire to be the best. What am I missing here?

  69. Doesn’t this even make the Cards look dumber for letting him bully them into an extension when they didn’t have to offer him one?

  70. Well this should end really well for the CArds and I hope that the coach and GM will be let go of their duties after this year. Sometimes these jokes just write them selves I guess?

  71. Considering his entire playbook is lob it up to Hopkins this isn’t shocking. He had the worst pick 6 I’ve ever seen in that playoff game against the Rams too.

  72. Honestly I don’t think film study is as important to a dual threat QB as it is for a pocket QB. If a play breaks down, dual threat QB can rely on his legs but for a pocket QB the play is over.

  73. Not sure how the Cardinals thought this would go but it’s now guaranteed that after every single bad game they’re going to get questions on how many hours he studied and whether he’s potentially in violation of the contract. And once publicly labeled a slacker it’s nearly impossible to change that perception.

  74. When he unfollowed his team and scrubbed his social media, you knew you were dealing w a player who is still very immature. Him and Lamar Jackson both. This is why guys like Burrow and the Peyton Mannings succeed, they prepare. They may not have the athleticism that these guys have but in the 4th quarter they wont be dealing w surprises. Jamar Chase said Joe Burrow taught him how to study film efficiently. In Arizona they have to write it into their franchise QB’s contract lol.

  75. The guy won the Heisman and was the No. 1 overall pick in the draft doing what he has done his whole life: being more talented than 99% of the people on the field.

    He never needed to study before and that is what the Cards drafted and paid for.

    The Cards and GQ Kliff should have taken it upon themselves to insure their investment by making sure that he met early in his career with a variety of successful NFL QBs to learn that at this level it’s not JUST about ability.

    He’s an incredibly exciting instinctual player, BUT in today’s league it takes more than instincts. I hope that he can put it together and realizes that spending time working on film will allow him to play MORE instinctually because he will recognize more of what is happening because he has already seen it.

  76. Unless he changes that aspect of his preparation, he can never hope to reach the level of MVP calibre players such as Rodgers, Allen, and Mahomes. Not watching film makes it much, much easier for defences to game plan against him.

  77. I enjoy it when an organization gets what they deserve.

  78. Because of that unique clause, I’m really surprised that Murray isn’t calling the contract ‘racist’ & holding out…but then again, he probably didn’t read it…because, you know, reading hurts. He may fire his agent now that he knows about it!

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