Kyler Murray officially signs new contract


It’s officially official as Kyler Murray put pen to paper on Monday.

The Cardinals quarterback agreed to a five-year, $230 million extension last week. The team announced the deal, which will keep him under contract through 2028, on Thursday, and Murray held a news conference Friday.

But owner Michael Bidwill was out of town last week.

On Monday, the team posted photos of Murray signing his deal and posing with Bidwill.

Murray was all smiles at his news conference Friday and all smiles in the photos Monday.

“For me, it’s a blessing,” Murray said Friday. “I’m so grateful and honored for the confidence that they’ve shown in me, the faith that they’ve shown in me to take a 5-foot-10 quarterback. That’s never been done before. I understood the heat that they would take for doing that, but for me, I’m thankful. It’s a blessing for me. It’s always been about fulfilling my promise, which is hopefully one day to bring a championship to this organization, and I’m a firm believer in bringing that here. I know we’re capable. I know it will be done.”

Murray has made two Pro Bowls in three seasons, but he has yet to win a postseason game. The Cardinals lost in the wild card round to the Rams in the worst game of Murray’s career.

4 responses to “Kyler Murray officially signs new contract

  1. Kyler also mentioned outside negativity during his press conference. Can players stop pretending the whole world hates them. Since his pre-draft to now, nobody has received more criticism than Josh Allen. You don’t hear him whine about it.

  2. The team overpaid by $200 million. Of course they have to throw bad money after good since they have sold out to him. The reality is that he’s mediocre and chokes in big games.

  3. As Keim and Bidwill communicated all along, and it toke place this Summer as planed… (Integrity!). If the contract is not as high as Watson’s or anyone else, who cares??? Jesus, after 35 mil+ it’s irrelevant. If Kyler can deliver and produce as he has indicated, then Bidwill and Keim will be happy to renegotiate the contract! That’s a problem they would LOVE to have…

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