Matt Rhule on his job security: I expect to win

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Matt Rhule is a betting favorite to be the first coach fired this season. The Panthers’ third-year coach isn’t sweating his place on the hot seat after consecutive five-win seasons.

Upgrades in the offensive line and at quarterback, with the additions of Baker Mayfield and Matt Corral, have him upbeat about the 2022 season.

“This year I expect to win. I want to win. I’ve never gone into a season and said, ‘I hope I can only win this many games to keep my job,’” Rhule said Monday, via Joe Person of “I’m not doing that, man. I want to win at the highest level, just like Christian (McCaffrey) does, just like Shaq (Thompson) does, just like everybody in this organization does. That’s why I woke up today ready to go, excited to go, excited to be here. I like where we’re at.”

Rhule praised General Manager Scott Fitterer for putting together a “really talented roster.” Now, it’s up to Rhule to make the most of it, or some other coach surely will have the job in 2023.

“That’s our job,” Rhule said. “It’s a results-oriented business, and I certainly don’t want to be part of an organization that tolerates mediocrity and a lack of success. That’s got to start with me. Do you like that? No. But at the end of the day, I can promise you my life is about winning and losing. I don’t like losing.”

6 responses to “Matt Rhule on his job security: I expect to win

  1. I won’t give Rhule all the blame. I give David Tepper 100% of the blame along with a crumbling power that once wasn’t woke

  2. The equally inept and poorly prepared owner gave an unproven coach a 7 year contract as well as full roster control. Just wait until that 3rd year! That’s when the Rhule teams really turn the corner and take off! Well here we are. Blast off time! Or pack up and go find some underdog college team to tinker around with again.

  3. Wasn’t Rhule going to revolutionize the NFL on his way to the Hall of Fame? Or was that Chip Kelley? I get them confused.

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