Mike Brown on Jessie Bates: Not easy to fit all the contracts under the cap

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Safety Jessie Bates didn’t land a contract extension with the Bengals after being franchise tagged early in the offseason and that could make the 2022 season his final one as a member of the AFC North team.

Bates hasn’t signed his tag yet and isn’t expected to report to training camp with the rest of the team this week, but Bengals owner Mike Browns said on Monday that he expects Bates to play with the team this year. Brown also said that hopes that things work out in a way that Bates remains with the team in 2023 and beyond.

“He fits with us,” Brown said, via Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We were two years trying to extend him. We weren’t able to get there. I regret that we didn’t. We will have another chance at the end of the season.”

That chance will be impacted by the need for the Bengals to plan for extensions for other members of the roster. Quarterback Joe Burrow and wide receivers Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins are on that list, which led Brown to say on Monday that it’s “not easy to fit all these” deals under the cap as the team moves forward.

The Bengals will have to find a way to hold onto a fair number of those star players or their run to Super Bowl LVI will look like an outlier in the franchise’s history.

10 responses to “Mike Brown on Jessie Bates: Not easy to fit all the contracts under the cap

  1. The Bengals are The nfl’s poorest team, arent they? So this shouldnt be a surprise that Brown is blaminging his cheapness on the salary cap, not when the Saints keep coming in at $60+mill over the cap every off season and then find a way to get under it with guarantees. Brown just cant afford to pay his players, its as simple as that, just like how he cant afford a real dome for his practice field and is using an inflatable bounce house to cover it instead

  2. Should say it’s not easy for cheapskate Mike Brown to fit these guys in the cap. Other good teams find a way. Mediocre to bad teams find excuses.

  3. The Bengals are in big trouble. Not nearly enough cap for all these players. The trenches are going to suffer the most and that’s how you win games. Best of luck on third place forever.

  4. Hes a dime a dozen player Brown knows this good luck next year kid. The Bengals are smart with this NOT like the CArds big over pay for a not elite player.

  5. One of the costs of never having to cut players at the back end of their deals, or to have a large roster turnover – is that now and again a free agent gets away for a better deal. We won’t be calling Mike Brown cheap when Joe, Jamar, and Tee get extended, and I, for one, would rather have those three than Jesse.

  6. Those guys that just beat you in the Super Bowl find a way to do it every year.

  7. Seems when extensions are done, and money goes to future years for the cap. There is a Hugh roster bonus check for the player when he signs new deal. Just wondering if roster bonus counts against cap, or coming straight out of owner’s wallet, cap be dammed. That would explain the rich get richer.

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