Mike McCarthy: My viewpoint is that my job security is not a story

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - 49ers at Cowboys
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Winning 12 games and a division title are usually good things for a head coach’s job security, but this offseason played out a bit differently for Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn’t move to solidify McCarthy’s status for some time after a home playoff loss to the 49ers. That delay gave time for speculation about hiring Sean Payton or promoting defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to take place in Dallas and elsewhere in the NFL.

Jones has since said that Payton shouldn’t be a “conversation piece” for McCarthy’s job, but Quinn’s new deal makes him a prime candidate to move up if the Cowboys want to make a change at some point. Talk of such a move is sure to pop up if the Cowboys struggle early in the season, but McCarthy has no interest in taking part in it.

“It’s irritating that the first question you ask me has nothing to do with how I do my job,” McCarthy told David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “I show up every day for work to win a championship. How do we win today? That’s what I’m asking. My viewpoint is it’s not a story. It’s a media-driven narrative, or at least a narrative driven outside my realm.”

McCarthy said that any conversation that “doesn’t have to do with winning” is a waste of his time and he’ll need to do at least as much winning as he did last season to ensure that others aren’t expending a lot of energy debating his future in Dallas.

11 responses to “Mike McCarthy: My viewpoint is that my job security is not a story

  1. NFL fans knew how this would play out.Mike is still as stubborn as he was in GB.

  2. I’m afraid it’s a narrative Mike will be hearing a lot this year if he doesn’t start strong and win at least one playoff game.

  3. You can’t do a job looking over your shoulder. Focus straight ahead on improving your players/team and deal with the things you control. Go Mike

  4. Has he learned the 2 minute drill or clock management over the summer? If not I’m sorry coach its going to be Hot all year.

  5. McCarthy must win the division and win at least one playoff game to stave off Sean Payton.

  6. It is the only story unless he gets fired and Sean goes elsewhere.

    Now that would be fun

  7. McCarthy is the perfect coach for Dallas. A bit over-confident in his abilities as a coach, clearly overrated as a coach in general, and will keep that mediocre, pedestrian culture torch that was passed from Jason Garrett

  8. Mike seems to have missed the point. The conversation IS about winning. Specifically, if the Cowboys have a better chance of winning with a different coach.

  9. My mind goes right back to that final play last year in the one and done playoff loss. It’s a perfect example of why the Cowboys did NOT win. A good chunk of that, plus bad clock management, is on the head coach. On the inside, McCarthy must be somewhat worried about job security. It was a completely boneheaded end to the game and their season.

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