NFL+ debuts, replacing Game Pass


We’ve heard for weeks that the NFL will be launching its own streaming service. It now has.

And there’s an important development that football fans need to know about. NFL+ replaces Game Pass. As of today, Game Pass will no longer be available in the United States.

The good news is that the same features from Game Pass are available on NFL+, at a lower price. Game Pass went for $100 per year. NFL+, at the premium level that unlocks the content previously available on Game Pass, costs $79.99 per year, or $9.99 per month.

The non-premium level of NFL+ is available for $39.99 per year, or $4.99 per month. It includes live local and primetime games on mobile devices and tables, live out-of-marker preseason games on all devices, live game audio, and NFL library programming.

The premium service includes full-game replays, condensed replays, and coaches film.

Frankly, there’s no real value in the non-premium level. But there’s HUGE value in the premium level.

I’m going to buy the premium service, right now. (Then again, it’s a write-off for me. Even though, as write-offs go, chocolates taste a lot better.)

We’ll let you know how it looks and, more importantly, how it works. Last year, changes to Game Pass prompted widespread complaints. Hopefully, NFL+ will feature fewer minuses.

6 responses to “NFL+ debuts, replacing Game Pass

  1. 10 a month to watch games that have already been played and have been shown on every other station.

  2. Meh. There’s not much here worth paying for. Coach’s film is neat, but unless you’re breaking it down for a living (or you’re a professional gambler), it’s just a novelty. I am just close enough to my “home” team that I can already get out of market radio broadcasts. Preseason is a garbage product and nobody should ever pay anything to watch it.

    I would, however, be willing to pay to be able to stream out-of-market regular season games of ONE TEAM. I don’t need all of them. If they can make that a package somewhere I’d buy it- even though about half of my team’s games are available in my market for free through regular broadcasts.

  3. cjmcfootball says: “…I would, however, be willing to pay to be able to stream out-of-market regular season games of ONE TEAM.”

    That’s the NFL’s golden goose, and they are not giving it away for $100. If they did have a one-team option for the NFL Sunday Ticket, they would price it barely less ($20-$30?) than the entire NFL Sunday Ticket package.

    The NFL knows that the majority of fans buying NFL Sunday Ticket are ultimately pulling out their wallet to watch their favorite out-of-market team.

  4. Uh, I think I’ll wait until football season actually begins before spending money on this. I’ve subscribed to GamePass in the past and enjoyed watching. It’s great to watch the condensed version of a lot of games, and I like watching the games of teams my team is going to face the next week. I don’t watch all that much during the off season, so it’s great the NFL is offering a monthly-pay option.

  5. A LOT of complaints and criticism here, but the service is GREAT for fans of out of Market teams who are able or willing to wait until the game is over to watch their team.

    I USED to get Sunday Ticket but got sick of how HORRIBLE ATT made DirecTV, so dumped it.

    Now I take to NOT watching football on Sunday at 1:00 (Eastern) and avoiding news feeds and alerts on my team, and then watching the replay at 4:30, and it’s just as “LIVE” for me.

    And for all you “I just go to the bar” guys, I don’t spend the 50-100 every week on Beer and wings either.

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