Terry McLaurin: Carson Wentz and I are starting to build a really good personal relationship

Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
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The Commanders brought in Carson Wentz to potentially stabilize their quarterback position for years to come.

That would be a good thing for receiver Terry McLaurin, who has played with eight QBs since he entered the league just three seasons ago.

McLaurin got the contract extension he wanted from Washington earlier this month. He recently spent a weekend in Southern California working out with Wentz, establishing a connection and some chemistry with training camp getting underway soon.

“I think the cool thing is him and I are starting to build [a] really, really good personal relationship, which I think is extremely important,” McLaurin told Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. “And just being out there and being able to, you know, finally put the action to the words now. It’s not just what the connection could look like with this and that.

“I’ve had an admiration for him since he’s been in Philly since my first game of the season. I saw what he can do. And to see that live and go through that and start picking his brain, just start really talking ball, I think that was just one of the best parts of that whole weekend because now we get to start putting the work in and the time in, because without that you can’t really get to what we really want to get to.”

Given McLaurin’s experience with multiple quarterbacks, he said he can “definitely” get a feel for what kind of connection he’ll have with a signal-caller early on.

“I think the biggest thing I’m looking forward to with Carson specifically is getting in these game-like situations — getting in these third-and-12 or got-to-have-it situations,” McLaurin said. “That’s where you really get a feel for the quarterback’s mindset and his thought process, and he gets to feel where I am as a receiver. That’s where you really form those connections, because throwing on air is great and I think that’s a great chance to just form that chemistry, to get used to throwing and catching the ball. But when you get in those football-like situations, that’s what you’re gonna see come September.

“So I think we just want to try to put ourselves in the best situation to be successful and make it as game-like as possible. I’m a very big communicator and I think he is as well, so I think that really helps clear up some, because football is not always perfect. But I think if we can be on the same page communication-wise and then go out there and get those reps in practice, I think that’s when that chemistry starts to form.”

Despite Washington’s QB turmoil, McLaurin has reached 1,000 yards receiving in each of the last two seasons. If Wentz can perform as he did at his best with the Eagles, McLaurin’s production could go up significantly in 2022.

5 responses to “Terry McLaurin: Carson Wentz and I are starting to build a really good personal relationship

  1. It’s going to be real difficult for Terry to catch passes when Wentz is fumbling all the time.

  2. So basically the rest of the team is now going to hate McLaurin as much as they hate Wentz?

  3. The one thing Carson was really good at last year was the deep ball, Terry is a deep ball threat, i’m going to trust ron and co know what they are doing. This guy isn’t that far removed from a MVP type year before his injury. He is a better qb than Hurts and Daniels at this point in his career. Mia is giving Tua a 3rd year with a significant better cast, I think you can give Wentz a few games.

  4. How can anyone not love Terry. He’s a legitimate hard working, humble, good hearted human being. This guy will have a long productive career in the NFL. You can’t out work him.

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