Zac Taylor: We won’t surprise anyone this season

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At this time last year, there wasn’t a lot of talk about the Bengals as a Super Bowl team.

That’s exactly what the Bengals wound up being, however. They won the AFC North, won their first playoff game in 30-plus years and kept winning until the Rams were able to come up with the right formula to beat them in Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

It was a run that made household names of players like Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase and head coach Zac Taylor. It also ensured that the Bengals won’t be overlooked by anyone once they start training camp this week.

“Well, we know we’re not going to surprise anybody,” Taylor said, via the team’s website. “I can’t speak for other teams. I don’t know if we surprised them or not. I hope they saw a good team on tape in Week 1. But this year, certainly, I think people are more aware of the type of team we can be and we have to prove that.”

The success in 2021 means that the Bengals will be getting everyone’s best shot in 2022 and it also means that they’ll be playing a tougher schedule than they faced last season. If they can handle that well enough to advance to the postseason again, there won’t be anyone calling them a fluke this time around.

3 responses to “Zac Taylor: We won’t surprise anyone this season

  1. How is winning enough games to clinch your division, and beating playoff caliber teams fluky? Isn’t that just winning football? Is beating the Chiefs twice in December in must win games fluky?

  2. The Bengals are an ascending team with a superstar young QB who will be in the MVP conversation. This will be a fun team to watch this season. Expectations are correctly high.

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