George Paton: At the right time, we’ll get an extension done with Russell Wilson

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Whenever a quarterback signs a mega deal, the next logical question is always, “Who’s next?”

It probably should be Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract. But another quarterback in line for an extension soon is Denver’s Russell Wilson.

The Broncos acquired Wilson knowing his contract runs through the 2023 season. But the average annual value of the contract Wilson signed with the Seahawks in 2019 was $35 million. That’s been surpassed numerous times, most recently by Murray, whose contract has an average annual value of $46.1 million.

So sooner or later, Wilson’s going to get a new deal. General Manager George Paton was asked in his press conference to open training camp if there have already been talks with Wilson’s representation about a potential extension.

“We all want Russell here a long time,” Paton said. “I appreciate the question. Out of respect for his team, our team, we’re just going to keep it in-house. Any decisions we may or may not have. I have a really good relationship with Russ’ agent, Mark Rogers, and at the right time, we’ll get a deal done.”

In his opening statement, Paton said the Wilson trade was, “game-changing for our locker room, the day-to-day, and for our football team.”

It’s likely only a matter of time before Willson gets an extension. But at this point, it doesn’t appear imminent.

27 responses to “George Paton: At the right time, we’ll get an extension done with Russell Wilson

  1. Been overrated his entire career. Might as well overpay him some more along with all the other qbs.

  2. Good luck Broncos. If there’s anyone I can think of who wouldn’t compromise on a contract it’s Wilson. You gave up the farm and now you get to pay him $500 million dollars!!

  3. This is going to get expensive. Wilson who has accomplished more than Watson, Murray, and Jackson combined is probably going to point at those contracts and say “pay me”.

  4. Should have got it done before finalizing the trade. Going to cost more now.

  5. Can you say $50M+ per year? I can already see the mass exodus of other Bronco players that can’t be paid because of the financial cap drain of $50M+ year.

  6. ANother Jamal Adams/Orlando Brown situation here. Why oh why didn’t Paton have the money in hand as part of the deal to acquire him?

    So dumb.

    Paton should have used the idea Wilson wanted out as leverage.

  7. He will get whatever he wants. Denver is in a bad spot in these negotiations. Trade all that and lose him? No chance for that regime.

  8. Should be some good defensive players to grab once they start cutting players to get to 50/yr for their “franchise” QB that can’t see half the route tree. Expensive moonballs at that salary…

  9. And we all know how conciliatory Wilson has been when it comes to contractual matters. . . .

  10. Everyone knows the cost will only go up the longer they wait to get a deal done. So, why wait? Is this just to avoid cap casualties?

  11. HA HA Russell(BLAH BLAH LOOK AT ME BLAH BLAH)Wilson not going to help Broncos to SB.

  12. Wilson will want to surpass Watson’s contract and then he’ll complain that they’re not surrounding him with enough talent.

  13. Sadly the new QB’s talent n skill set is going the other way as may take a year or two to prove but have never seen anyone so obvious about showing me the money and yet wot has the guy ever won … so yup pay him the big bucks n better draft perfectly as some good to great players will be leaving due to not much salary cap being left.

  14. canadianpatsfan says:
    July 26, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    […] and yet wot has the guy ever won […]

    Super Bowl ring means nothing to you, eh?

    How about the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award? How about the Bart Starr Award?

    Well, congratulations to you, because you’ve won the prestigious ‘canadianpatsfan’ Asinine Comment of the Day Award… aptly named after you, of course

  15. They have to stop paying lesser quarterbacks top money. Then the real top QB’s want even more. It’s a poor business model to say the least

  16. Russ will sign for league veteran minimum.
    Ciara will get a $500M Walmart endorsement.

  17. none of this makes any sense, but… please break your bank on this man. .
    be insignificant for another 4 years

  18. Making this trade without an agreement on the next contract was questionable. Mark Rodgers is his agent the price now is 50 million/per, next year it will be more. Rodgers/Wilson will want a fully guaranteed contract good luck with that. I’m a hawk fan will miss Wilson but not at 50+ million.

  19. In the words of Goodfellas Paulie (Paul Sorvino) “Forget” you! Pay me!…….

  20. Wilson is gonna destroy their cap, poor trade, his ego is gonna want a record contract. Hasn’t done anything in close to 10 years now. I think he has a lot to prove, when was the last time he had Seattle in contention???

  21. As soon as Herbert gets paid, Patrick Mahomes salary will look like a bargain. LOL

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