John Lynch: Nick Bosa’s time for a contract extension is coming

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During his Tuesday press conference, General Manager John Lynch seemed optimistic that the 49ers would soon come to an agreement with receiver Deebo Samuel on an extension.

But there’s another looming contract situation — that of edge rusher Nick Bosa.

The 2019 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year is entering the penultimate season of his rookie deal. Bosa is eligible for a new contract now. But it doesn’t sound like he’s going to get one until 2023.

“If you look at our history, our cadence, most of our years are done with one year left on the contract,” Lynch said on Tuesday, via “Nick’s got two years left. So that doesn’t make it impossible, but it makes it more likely that it’s something that will be addressed next year. No absolutes, never say never.

“But here’s what I do know: As long as we’re here, Nick Bosa’s going to be a part of the Niners and he’s going to get paid handsomely to do so. So, his time’s coming. And when it does, he’ll get what he deserves because, man, what a special player.”

Bosa recorded 9.0 sacks, 16 tackles for loss, and 25 QB hits as a rookie in 2019 but missed nearly all of his second season with a torn ACL.

He was back to being one of the league’s best edge rushers last season, recording 15.5 sacks, a league-leading 21 tackles for loss, 32 quarterback hits, and four forced fumbles. He also had 4.0 sacks, a pair of tackles for loss, and a forced fumble in San Francisco’s three postseason games.

17 responses to “John Lynch: Nick Bosa’s time for a contract extension is coming

  1. Nosa > Samuel. WRs are a dime a dozen, pass rushers are not. Pay Bosa and trade Samuel.

  2. Outside of Aaron Donald I have Nick Bosa as the baddest D lineman in the league. He’s ferocious. Probably in a year he will be the very best. I’d pay him today. As far as Deebo goes, if he’s already being a malcontent, and publicly demanding that the team shouldn’t be using him the way they are, I’d look to move him. That versatility is why he was drafted by them, now he’s going to tell them how he can be used? Good riddance.

  3. When Jimmy clears the books, Samuel gets done. Nick will be up to start next season and the 49ers will continue their quest to win another SB.

  4. As a 49ers fan, I wish the team would have learned the obvious – the longer you wait, the more it costs. Especially when they just had the situation play out with Deebo. Had they just given him a contract before Hill, Adams, Brown, etc got theirs, they’d have Deebo locked up for like $22m a year instead of the $25+ they will end up paying him now. If you’re certain on a player just pay him!

  5. Bradley Chubb, Chase Young, Josh Allen, Brian Burns – all guys coming up for a new deal and the way it works is that if you’re up, you become the highest paid. Just pay Nick NOW before those guys get new deals. Especially because if they sign theirs, Nick is going to say “I’m not just $100k better than them, either. I want to completely reset the market”. If you just let him reset the market now it’s not as big of a deal because the top guys are the other Bosa, Garrett, and Watt – three guys even Nick would agree are on his same level and thus he only needs to beat their contracts by a little. 49ers will save $25m+ over the life of the contract if they just do it now.

  6. John Lynch is way in over his head, this job isn’t for him, what a disaster as a GM he is.

  7. Just trade him to ‘Miami already, you know that’s where he wants to be.

  8. Have to cut Jimmy G to open up $24 mil in cap space to probably get a deal done with Samuel (don’t know the 49ers cap situation but can’t pay a backup QB $24 bills)

  9. It’s a completely different game when Bosa is on the field, just like with Aaron Donald. You can’t let a guy like this get away, and Lynch doesn’t plan to.

  10. The problem with locking in a player early is in 2-3 years he will be unhappy because others are making more.
    If they wait a year, or two, or three with a tag, the upside i if he gets hurt again they aren’t locked into him for 5 years.

  11. Injury prone, wouldn’t be banking on him staying healthy. Beast on the gridiron but you know you can’t depend on him playing a full season

  12. As soon as Bosa signs a new deal Myles Garrett needs to call his agent (or fire his agent).

  13. lol!!

    The Bosas.

    This is a good example of the name from college hype preceeding the quality of the player.

    Throw in a GM desperate to save his job by coveting up mistakes, and watch the doubling down continue.

    Rinse and repeat.

  14. “what a disaster as a GM he is.”

    Truly awful. The 49ers went from having the worst roster in football in 2016 to being in the SB two years after Lynch took over. They have a young roster stocked with talent all over. What a horrible GM!

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