Kyle Shanahan doesn’t expect Jimmy Garoppolo to practice with the 49ers

Divisional Round - Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers
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San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has probably practiced for the last time as a 49er.

Although it remains unclear when or if the 49ers will trade Garoppolo, who is still recovering from shoulder surgery, head coach Kyle Shanahan has moved on to new starting quarterback Trey Lance and said he does not expect Garoppolo to practice at all.

Asked on Tim Kawakami’s podcast if Garoppolo will practice with the 49ers if he is not traded, Shanahan said, “I think anything’s possible but that would surprise me right now.”

Shanahan said he hasn’t seen Garoppolo since the 49ers’ season ended, and that Garoppolo will report to camp to take his physical, but as far as practicing or playing with the 49ers, Garoppolo is done.

9 responses to “Kyle Shanahan doesn’t expect Jimmy Garoppolo to practice with the 49ers

  1. Two things – 1. They don’t want to risk Jimmy getting hurt and then being on the hook for all of the salary and 2. They don’t want Jimmy outplaying Trey and dividing the locker room

  2. They sure know how to create maximum trade value 😳

    Lucky to get anything more than a 4/5th rounder for him at this point, likely less. My money is on a straight up release with 7th rounder a distant second.

  3. If he is “gone” then why the waiting to officially cut the cord, like today, and use that $25 million in cap space, to get Deebo Samuels as happy as possible as early as possible in training camp.

  4. Let me get this strait. Jimmy GQ has played his butt off for the Niners. They went to a Super Bowl. Went to two NFC title games. He played hurt. Never missed a meeting. His teammates love him. He’s respectable to the media. He’s under contract. The 49ers won’t allow him to practice with the team. Never again will I ever stick up for ownership or management of the NFL. The 49ers are a crap organization.

  5. Then throw the guy a bone and help him move onto his next team. Cut him or make the trade happen. Pretty crappy move to just sit on the guy admitting he is done.

  6. Not a fan, this is the right move though. 49ers should have dropped the price on him awhile ago, mistakes were made, however this is exactly what they should do. They can’t risk him looking better in practice than the other guy, can’t risk injury, and can’t risk him looking awful in practice. So this is a no win scenario. I still think they are not likely to receive much in return. I think they should roll the dice on a player for player trade. Try to grab someone of worth on perspective team, that’s overpaid, change of scenery, etc.

  7. I don’t get it. I know he’s injury prone but the guy has taken the team to the NFC championship twice in the last 4 years, yet everyone thinks he’s terrible. Trey Lance wasn’t near good enough to take over has QB1, yet they’re going with him?? Weird…

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