Kyler Murray contract also includes very broad no-baseball clause

Kyler Murray Signs Contract
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Kyler Murray has said he’d like to find a way to play both pro football and pro baseball. Under his new football contract, that definitely won’t be happening. Not unless he wants to wipe out his remaining guarantees.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Murray’s deal includes a very broad clause that triggers a default as to his guaranteed money in the event that he has any involvement with organized baseball.

A default occurs is Murray “participates in any type of baseball-related activity (including, without limitation, a tryout, workout, practice, scrimmage, exhibition or game) for any baseball team, in any baseball league.”

In past years, some contracts included language that allowed teams to get a court order blocking a player from playing baseball. (The Buccaneers did that with Jameis Winston‘s rookie deal, in 2015.) That has yielded to, at most, a clause wiping out the player’s guaranteed money. That’s the risk Murray takes, if he has any involvement with any baseball team.

8 responses to “Kyler Murray contract also includes very broad no-baseball clause

  1. The positive spin is that they wouldn’t put those kinds of clauses in his contract if they didn’t see him as their long-term guy. They want to protect their investment.
    And to me, the bigger thing is that Murray agreed to all of that.

  2. The fact that the Cardinals feel the need to put all this unprecedented void language in Kyler’s new deal (there’s likely far more that we don’t even know about too) speaks volumes…they must have zero faith in how he will handle himself after getting paid.

  3. So don’t even think about signing up for your church’s softball charity game.

  4. I don’t see this as that big of a deal. Guys who like to do extreme sports will get language put in protecting the team from the worse possible scenario. The Cardinals are paying him for his physical abilities. Murray is a very good baseball player and could get offers to come play in an exhibition or minor league setting that could put his health at jeopardy. I wouldn’t have paid the guy or put in the homework clause but this isn’t something to be alarmed about.

  5. Based on the new “homework clause” I think there is a substantial chance Murray won’t read his contract either…..

  6. I can’t wait for the team announcement to reassure everyone that he’s always been 100% committed to the Cardinals. Even though it looks like they believe they are dealing with a middle school kid.

  7. The team obviously turned the camera/mic on for his tablet and found him playing video games “while studying” and discussing a return to baseball.

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