Report: Leonard Fournette shows up for camp at 245

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Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette recently made waves by his ability to literally make waves via the performance of a cannonball into the deep end of the pool. Reportedly tipping the scales at 260 pounds, Fournette created concerns that he’d show up for training camp out of shape.

Doug Kyed reports that Fournette weighed in at 245.

He’s listed at 228 pounds on the team’s website, so her perhaps has more work to do to get ready for the season.

And here’s the real concern. As recently explained , quick weight-loss can create other issues, if (as Fournette’s trainer has admitted) he used time in a sauna to melt off the weight.

“Sitting in a hot sauna may result in a lower number on the scale but it’s simply from water loss,” long-time NFL athletic trainer Mike Ryan, now the Sports Medicine Analyst for Sunday Night Football, told PFT. “In doing so, dehydration from this weight-loss game plan puts the athlete at a higher risk of exertional heat illness.”

Fournette could end up with (for example) a pulled muscle, if his past and perhaps ongoing efforts to lose weight have resulted in dehydration. It makes sense for the team to be sensitive to this possibility in the early days of camp.

11 responses to “Report: Leonard Fournette shows up for camp at 245

  1. Like when I’m “dehydrated” in Vegas and when I get home, all my muscles hurt !!!

  2. There was a time when a running back weighing more than 220 lbs would be considered a fullback.

  3. So he burned off 15 pounds of water weight at the sauna and showed up dehydrated to the weigh in? is he in the UFC or the NFL? Zero self control.

  4. back in the day, Leonard would be running ALOT of laps everyday around the baseball backstops….

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