Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold splitting first-team reps, for now


Many assume that quarterback Baker Mayfield will be the Week One starter for the Panthers. That assumption may be accurate. Still, he’ll have to earn it.

Via Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network, coach Matt Rhule said Wednesday that quarterback Sam Darnold took the first-team reps today, and that Mayfield will take them on Thursday.

It will be the first test of Mayfield’s mindset, if his experiences in Cleveland have caused him to grow and mature. How will he handle not getting the full complement of first-team opportunities, especially as he’s trying to get ready for the games that count?

Darnold had a built-in advantage, given that he participated in the offseason program with the Panthers. Mayfield has some catching up to do. And it’s harder to do that if he’s not getting the chance to do so.

8 responses to “Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold splitting first-team reps, for now

  1. Imagine his maturity level if he isn’t the week 1 start for the Panthers. Frankly, I think Darnold is mature enough to be a starter or backup and Mayfield will be pouting if he isn’t the starter. There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.

  2. Baker will win the job unless he gets injured.

    Darnold is an expensive clipboard holder at this point.

  3. Everyone knows Darnold is a bust, Baker may or may not be a bust.

    Why even bother with this charade.

  4. Mayfield will throw a tantrum if Darnold gets the starting job, even if just for the first game. He will go nuts.

  5. The new name for Charlotte will be interception city, instead of the queen city. Baker and Sam with boost up the other teams stats. Just let me know when the rookie is ready to play, I already know what these two bring to the table.

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