Cam Heyward disputes Ben Roethlisberger’s claim that young players are coddled

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The 40-year-old Ben Roethlisberger recently complained about young, coddled players. His 33-year-old former teammate Cam Heyward does not agree.

Heyward, the Steelers defensive tackle who was Roethlisberger’s teammate for 11 seasons, said he thinks his young teammates are as committed to the team as any players of the past.

“It looks as though we are looked at as selfish players, and I don’t think that’s the point,” Heyward said on his podcast, via ESPN. “We have a lot of young players that come from different backgrounds, have experienced different things from what others or I may have experienced. That doesn’t make them selfish or more of a me-type attitude. . . . There are a lot more team-first guys than me-type attitude. I took offense to that.”

Heyward says that if Roethlisberger didn’t think the young players on the Steelers were doing all the little things necessary to help the team win, then Roethlisberger should have done more to be a team leader.

“Obviously we haven’t had a Super Bowl in a long time, and maybe that’s where Ben is like, ‘Man, if those guys would have grown up.’ But it’s up to the older guys to step up and hold guys accountable. . . . It’s up to a vet to put you under your wing and pull you across and say, ‘Hey, this is what it’s like to be Pittsburgh Steeler.’ And that’s what I’m trying to do. Maybe Ben didn’t see it that way, but man, I’m going to protect my guys. You just can’t say it’s a ‘me-type of attitude’ now. Everyone’s out to be a Super Bowl winner, make money, one day be an MVP. But when it all comes together, we care about one thing, this logo right here. . . . I’ve always tried to extend that to my younger teammates. I think Ben was a little out on that one.”

9 responses to “Cam Heyward disputes Ben Roethlisberger’s claim that young players are coddled

  1. kind of confused as to how a veteran can’t agree. I understand coming from Ben, who acted completely immature and entitled, but to say these players aren’t coddled?

  2. I’ve always gotten the impression that a lot of Ben’s teammates were never really fond of him.

  3. How about don’t make blanket statements about a generation and look at everyone as an individual? It’s a fact that younger players are more coddled than they used to be back in the day because that’s just the way things go, but that doesn’t mean everyone is more spoiled or has more of a me-first attitude than some old-timers.

  4. Roethlisberger was the number one me first guy, so it was strange to hear him bring it up.

  5. Another player I used to like who can’t just keep quiet, Heyward can’t resist a microphone anymore since the Steelers became irrelevant. I’m not hating, it’s just a fact

  6. Ben isnt wrong.The league may have changed around older players like Ben, but players are “me first”. Sadly, it isnt just in the league…the whole generation is full of entitled people who are only out to get theirs.

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