Carson Wentz: Feeling wanted by Commanders instills confidence

Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
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Carson Wentz has been traded in each of the last two offseasons and there weren’t many tears shed over his departure from Philadelphia or Indianapolis, so one can understand why the Commanders want to make sure that he’s is feeling at home as his first training camp with the team gets underway.

Head coach Ron Rivera said he met Wentz outside the team’s facility on Tuesday so that he could speak to the quarterback in order “to reiterate that he was wanted here.” On Wednesday, Wentz said that Rivera’s efforts on that front have been much appreciated.

“I think for anybody, it just builds confidence,” Wentz said, via Peter Hailey of “It builds confidence within myself. I will always think that I’m a confident person, but hearing it from somebody else, from the head coach, definitely instills that confidence more.”

Wentz’s fit with his previous two teams wouldn’t have been a problem if he’d won more games over the last couple of seasons. Doing whatever’s possible to make Wentz feel comfortable can’t hurt, but the record on the field will ultimately determine how wanted he is in Washington beyond this year.

9 responses to “Carson Wentz: Feeling wanted by Commanders instills confidence

  1. It’s nice to be wanted. Just wondering how long he will feel wanted when he starts throwing team mates under the bus?

  2. Your team owner would tell you face-to-face how much he likes you.. but he’s too busy riding around on a yacht halfway across the world.

  3. Carson, you can’t run from your prior game film. There is more evidence to support being afraid of you as the team’s QB than there is anything that suggests we have reason for confidence. I hope you fail and will once again treat you like Alice Smith – a QB I absolutely loathed. I will wish you hurt on every play until it happens. Then buh bye.

  4. Weak Wentz still worried what others think of him. How about you just say “I am the leader of this team, and don’t give a damn what anybody thinks. I am here to win.”

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