Chiefs, Travis Kelce agree to terms on adjusted contract

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Back in May, 49ers tight end George Kittle said in an interview for #PFTPM that what Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce earns in salary “boggles the mind” — and not in a good way.

Perhaps Kelce should send Kittle a thank you note.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Chiefs and Kelce have come to an agreement on an adjusted contract that will give him a raise in 2022. Kansas City is moving money from the back of Kelce’s deal to now to better compensate the tight end.

Kelce is currently under contract through 2025. But 2022 is the last year of guaranteed money on the four-year, $57 million extension he signed just before the 2020 season.

Kelce has been remarkably consistent through his nine-year career with the Chiefs. He has registered a tight end record of six consecutive seasons of at least 1,000 yards receiving. Since Patrick Mahomes took over as Kansas City’s starting quarterback in 2018, Kelce has averaged 99.3 receptions, 1,276.5 yards, and 8.8 touchdowns per year.

16 responses to “Chiefs, Travis Kelce agree to terms on adjusted contract

  1. Guess this will set off the “Chiefs are in cap-hell” comments from fans in the other AFC West teams, and those in the New England area.

  2. That’s a clear message to Orlando Brown. Play ball and hustle and you’ll be taken care of.

  3. How man other clients do you think will be rushing to sign with Orlando Browns agent after they watched him totally screw up his first big contract negotiation?

  4. Not just Orlando Brown, but this also has some traces of Tyreek Hill. They saved a ton of money on account of those two deciding to balk at some ridiculous numbers. It also sends a message (a good one) to some of the younger players that if you want to be here and put in the work that not only is a super bowl within reach, but so is a healthy long term contract and your ballers will be compensated.

  5. In all fairness I think they need to pay him more, a lot more. Without Kielce there is no Mahomes

  6. LOL @ Chiefs fans not wanting to admit they are cap strapped.
    Losing key starters like Tyreek and Brown should worry you

  7. The Chiefs didn’t lose anyone; they got a haul for Hill instead of resetting the wide out market and Brown isn’t going anywhere this year. Despite not paying either of these guys top of the market $$$;they just offered Brown more than he’s worth and were willing to pay Tyreek well over 20 mil/season. Cap strapped? Sounds like the Chiefs worry you. They should.

  8. LOL @ the uninformed that think the Chiefs are the only team that is cap strapped. There are eight other teams with more guaranteed money tied up in their QB than the Chiefs. And four of those have a higher per-year salary than the Chiefs. Yet some how the only team that is “allegedly” cap strapped is KC. Things that make you say “Hmmmmm”.

  9. touchback6:

    Aren’t you the one that said KC was in “cap hell” for letting Honey Badger and Sorenson walk this year? That would have been paying for past production.

    Kelce has 6 straight 1,000 yard seasons and is 2nd in yards over the last 5 years. Did you see the the walkoff TD’s against the Chargers and Buffalo last year? Tyreek took the top off defenses, but Kelce is the engine of the offense.

    BaD mOve reWaRDing a PlaYer who the offEnSe runs thROUgh, is a COnstanT and TeAm LeAder movVinG forWaRd.

  10. touchback6 says:
    July 27, 2022 at 9:59 am
    The Chiefs keep paying on the past and it’s costing them their future.

    That was previous regimes. Veach has been jettisoning older players rather than overpay.

  11. Over the cap hasn’t been updated with the amounts, but this could cut into the amount they have to sign a LT to replace Brown, unless they completely rescind the tag. Are you watching Orlando? You might become a FA free to sign with anyone you want. Probably at a much lower price than what you were offered. More than likely average LT money because that’s what you are.

  12. He is to the Chiefs what Cooper Kupp is to the Rams. Meaning highly productive, clutch, game changer on a regular basis. The discussion starts at him being a top 3 all time TE.

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