Deebo Samuel not practicing, but Kyle Shanahan says they’re in a good place

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As he continues to seek a new contract, 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel is sitting out practice. But head coach Kyle Shanahan sounds confident things are going to get resolved.

Shanahan confirmed this morning that Samuel will not practice today, while adding that contract negotiations are ongoing.

“He won’t today. I just had a good talk with Deebo. We all know there’s a lot going on with Deebo right now,” Shanahan said. “His representation and [the 49ers’ front office], they’re talking nonstop right now. We’ll see what happens, but it’s going to the clock. I just had a great conversation with Deebo. . . . Hopefully we can figure something out soon, but we’re in a good place today.”

Samuel was one of the best receivers in the NFL last season while also contributing as a running back, but there were reports that Samuel wasn’t happy with the way he was being used in Shanahan’s offense. A new contract may make Samuel happy, but it’s not done yet.

12 responses to “Deebo Samuel not practicing, but Kyle Shanahan says they’re in a good place

  1. a consistent narrative has been Samuel wasn’t happy with the way he was used last year. Did you not all see the mic’d up clip against Dallas in the playoff game where he was demanding Kyle give him the ball?

  2. It’s not Deebo, but rather his representation that is making all the fuss about how he’s being used. He’s going after top $ as he should and once that contract is inked – it will be about ball again.

  3. Kyle is in a good place with everyone. Deebo, Jimmy G, Dee Ford. Nothing but good times over there right now.

  4. Jimmy G please report to John Lynch and turn in your playbook We need the $25 mil

    Deebo please report to John Lynch, he has a fat check to give you

    Why is this difficult?

  5. Is it me or are Lynch and Shanahan on a really, really hotseat and they’re acting like they’re not?

  6. Nobody believes a word out of Shannahan’s mouth. He’s one of the worst HC’s in the league when it comes to talking to the media.

  7. Trey Lance needs Deebo if he’s going to succeed this year. Shanahan and Lynch need Lance to succeed or they’re gone. Like it or not, Deebo holds the cards here and I hope he squeezes the Niners for every penny.

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