Jerry Jones apologizes for using derogatory term about little people

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones issued an apology on Tuesday after using a derogatory slur about little people.

“Earlier today I made a reference which I understand may have been viewed as offensive. I apologize,” Jones said on Tuesday evening.

Referencing former Cowboys director of scouting Larry Lacewell, who was short, Jones used what Little People of America refers to as the m-word, a term that has often been used as insulting about short people.

Jones likely didn’t realize that the word is offensive, but when alerted to the offensiveness of the word, he apologized.

This is not the first time the offensiveness of the word has come up in an NFL context: Cleveland radio host Tony Grossi was suspended for using the word two years ago, and then-Bengals coach Marvin Lewis apologized for using the word in 2014.

7 responses to “Jerry Jones apologizes for using derogatory term about little people

  1. I would honestly find “little person” much more patronizing, condescending, and insulting than the “M-word,” but I guess that’s just me. I can’t fathom anyone would want to be treated and talked to like a child just because they bear the stature of one. It’s degrading.

  2. Apology sincere..apology accepted..the way it should be.

    Honestly I am 56 years old and did not know the “M” word was offensive..I just thought Little Person was preferred. For most of my life M word was the proper was not an identifier that was meant as a derogatory slang. Not a Jerry apologist..but in this case it is obvious that ignorance, not stupidity, was on display. With Jerry it’s usually the other way around so good for him for immediately apologizing.

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