Jimmy Garoppolo is still a 49er, but he really isn’t

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The 49ers aren’t simply keeping quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in bubble wrap by not letting him practice. They basically have excommunicated him from the rest of the team, without cutting him.

Coach Kyle Shanahan addressed Garoppolo’s day-to-day status with reporters on Wednesday.

“He was in this morning, doing his throwing program,” Shanahan said. “I don’t think he’s still here, so he came in and did that and he got out, so I’ll stay in communication with Jimmy. We’ll keep doing that and take it one day at a time.”

Basically, Garoppolo can come and go as he pleases.

“We’re saying, go ahead you don’t have to be here,” Shanahan said. “Anything he wants to be at he can. I think Jimmy, like I said yesterday, Jimmy, [G.M.] John [Lynch], and I talked for a while. We understand every part of this situation and I think both sides know each side is doing as good as we can.”

Shanahan was asked whether there’s a scenario in which Garoppolo could be on the roster if he’s not traded by then.

“I don’t give an absolute anything, so yeah, I’m sure I could come up with the scenario, but I think I said earlier that would surprise me and I still feel that way,” Shanahan said.

Frankly, as the 49ers wait for a starting quarterback elsewhere to suffer a season-ending injury, it could happen to Trey Lance. And that would be a scenario that would keep Garoppolo on the roster for the season.

The approach requires Garoppolo to play along, and he apparently is. They can’t keep him away from the team. They arguably can’t keep him off the practice field. But he’d have to be willing to press the issue.

For now, he apparently isn’t. Still, without Garoppolo placing pressure on the 49ers to make a move, they’ll be more likely to string this out until after the preseason ends, cutting Garoppolo just before the start of the season and making it harder for him to find a new home in 2022.

48 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo is still a 49er, but he really isn’t

  1. This whole Garoppolo/Trey Lance thing is one of the great mysteries of the NFL for fans. What a boatload of pressure there is on Lance. Garoppolo took the 49ers to a Super Bowl and to the playoffs. Can Lance do that? Will the 49ers cut Jimmy loose before they have a chance to find that out? We’ll finally find out in the next few weeks and months.

  2. Jimmy isn’t causing waves right now because he knows he put the 49ers in a pickle by surprising them with his shoulder surgery. Put himself in that pickle too.

  3. The only thing that makes sense, is if a team has a good record half way through and loses a QB to injury, there is Jimmy. I don’t see a franchise saying, yeah this is our guy going into the future. Really makes you think about your own career, being the nice guy doesn’t get you more, you just feel more comfortable going into work. He should’ve demanded a trade or to just cut him and put some pressure on the guys who just want to get something for him and don’t care about his future.

  4. Jimmy deserves better than this after how he conducted himself and played for the team last year.

  5. mackcarrington says:
    July 27, 2022 at 8:56 pm
    Jimmy isn’t causing waves right now because he knows he put the 49ers in a pickle by surprising them with his shoulder surgery. Put himself in that pickle too.

    What??? Surprising them with shoulder surgery??? Oh, John and Kyle didn’t know he got his shoulder separated in Dallas? Are you kidding? Jimmy put the Niners in a pickle. So you think Jimmy shouldn’t have fixed his shoulder that was probably in severe pain, just so the Niners could dump him? Wow.

  6. Their is a reason Jimmy hasn’t asked to be released and it has to do with money. The 49ers can offset some of the pay if traded so that Jimmy doesn’t lose as much as he would by signing a new contract. Lets not act like Jimmy is the victem here, he would’ve been gone along time ago but nothing can be done until he passed a physical.

  7. I expect this will end soon. Neither side wants to string this out. The Giants are the betting favorites atm.

  8. Foolish panthers. Should have waited. Baker is not bad actually but the attitude doesn’t work with teammates.

  9. Dating back to the pre-draft trade, there are a bunch of things about their Trey Lance plan that don’t make a lot of sense even if they are sold on Lance.

    What is their plan if Lance – who was injured in his first taste of NFL action – gets hurt week 2 and they don’t have a legit option 2?

    They are under the cap, any Deebo extension wouldn’t take effect until 2023…if Garrappolo had no trade value but is willing to play the “Drew Bledsoe role”, why are they determined to bet their season on Nate Sudfield if Lance goes down?

  10. I don’t wish injury on anyone, but wouldn’t it be something if Trey Lance suffered a serious injury during camp & Jimmy told Lynch & Shanahan to pound salt !

  11. John Lynch is just turning this whole situation into a disaster and is handling it poorly. Time to let Lynch go and get a real GM that isn’t in over his head.

  12. Someone send this to the Browns as a better way to handle a QB replacement.

  13. Give Jimmy G. all the credit in the world for being nothing but professional in this situation. Give the 49ers organization credit for being anything but professional. I get the business side of it but they’ve shown zero empathy for the person. They should have released him at a minimum a month ago. Instead they’ve made it such that he will have nearly zero chance to compete to be a starter this season unless someone loses their starter to injury. What a slap in the face. Terribly disrespectful. Can you imagine what his teammates must think? The rest of the players on the team and in the league now know exactly how they can expect to be treated by this front office.

  14. I think at this point Jimmy should strategize for the best long-term option.

    I think Baker Mayfield made a huge mistake going to Carolina. If he does play, he’s going to be awful, the team is going to be bad, and he may not get many more chances in the NFL. I don’t know if playing this season with the Browns was an option, but he would have been better off taking a backup job somewhere where he isn’t a threat.

    Mitch Trubisky went to a place where he was clearly #2 and now he could be the starter for the Steelers for 3 seasons.

    Jimmy should consider being the backup in Indianapolis this season. There’s a chance Matt Ryan could be a one season starter there and he would have the fast-track to a team that is a contender. He may even end up playing this season. Even if he doesn’t, there will be a lot of suitors for him to compete for the starting job or be a high-priced backup next season.

    But if he joins the Giants late, and ends up taking over for Jones in Week 6, I don’t see it going well.

  15. When your boss tells you come and go as you please, it isn’t good. I think he’s getting raw treatment and I’m far from a Jimmy G or 49ers fan. Lynch, Lance better work out or the same awaits you.

  16. What a flaccid, noodle-like leader Shanahan is. I’m sure Clara (and the rest of the proper bay area) is proud.

  17. Clearly there was a vacuum left by the Raiders leaving Oakland and Clara is trying to fill that classless void. So much for their highbrow cheese and wine image of sophistication and holier than thou attitude that they thought they had in Frisco. What a foul stench coming from the southeast corner of the bay.

  18. Wait long enough and we might see a Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan type plot pop up. Haha.

  19. JG will end up starting for a team by the middle of the season. I’m not sure what team, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if it’s the Seahawks.

  20. How could Jimmy Gs agent allow him to sign a contract that puts him in this position.
    Worst payment timing I’ve ever seen for a player.
    49ers can cost Jimmy G a lot of money for holding him so long

  21. Absolutely a trash move by the 49ers. What is the plan here? Jimmy G isn’t worth the 9ers next 2 first rounders attached to that contract. But 9ers won’t release him. So disrespectful. Same organization that gave Dee Ford 41 million so go figure.

  22. pretty dure the initial pickle was whern they traded a boatload to draft lance, also are you telling me they were unaware of their starting qb’s injury?

  23. Just a reminder, Trey, Jimmy went 5-0 in his first five starts for the 49ers, got injured, came back and got them to the Super Bowl. Look how they are treating him now. How do you think they’ll treat you if you don’t come close to matching Jimmy’s record? But hey, no pressure.

  24. they’ll be more likely to string this out until after the preseason ends, cutting Garoppolo just before the start of the season and making it harder for him to find a new home in 2022.


    So they traded away all that draft capital for Lance, and now will let a perfectly capable QB go and get nothing in return?

  25. I could understand all this if it had been one regime that broke the bank for Jimmy G and a new regime that bet the franchise to trade up to pick Lance. But it’s the same people, and I just don’t get it.

  26. The fact that Lance is not immediately named the starter tells me the 49ers aren’t impressed with him. Jimmy G on the roster costs them a lot of cap space but Lance is still green. My guess is Jimmy stays or is traded to the Falcons.

  27. Among the many problems this situation creates, a big one for Jimmy G when he goes somewhere else-who has any salary cap room left to pay the guy much of anything? If a big $ QB goes down, he might have to play for vet minimum.

  28. The 49’s are slowly becoming a joke of an organization and that starts at the top with John Lynch. Overrated and way over his head. Hey Kyle, 28-3 in the SB is forever going to be your legacy. But more on topic the GM that makes a deal for Jimmy G will be unemployed in two years.

  29. Just release Jimmy already.

    John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have done really well with the Niners but the way they handled Garoppolo in the past year-plus is going to be a regrettable moment of their tenure.

  30. We fixed the glitch. He won’t be receiving a paycheck anymore, so it will just work itself out naturally. We always like to avoid confrontation, whenever possible. Problem solved from our end.
    – John (Bob) Lynch

  31. Garopollo has been outstanding through out this mess he didn’t create. Teams should want to get him there to raise the chareccter level of their team. There are several teams waiting for him to be released. 9ers blew it and will get nothing for a starting quarterback.
    He will be a Steeler very soon.

  32. The ignorance and envy evident in the comments above are staggering.
    Shanahan and Lynch started with a roster devoid of talent, a team that had just gone 2 – 14. They’ve now made the NFL’s final four two out of the last three years. But they’re an embarrassment? Almost all of you wish your team was positioned as well as the 49ers are heading into this year. Come back and post in a few months.

  33. Frankly, as the 49ers wait for a starting quarterback elsewhere to suffer a season-ending injury, it could happen to Trey Lance. And that would be a scenario that would keep Garoppolo on the roster for the season.
    Sounds like the Niners are going to rely upon hope to resolve this issue for them. We all know that is not a strategy.

  34. its not often you sympathise with both quarterbacks… Jimmy G because of the way they’re treating him, and Trey Lance because of all the extra pressure they’re putting on him to be good out of the gate

  35. Why aren’t teams chomping at the bit to sign Jimmy G? Seattle, Pittsburgh, Houston, Cleveland, New Orleans, JETS, Carolina,

    These teams desperately need a starter, or a player to contend with their starter. Jimmy G can take you to the promised land and he’s only 30yrs old. My recommendation is let Trey Lance sit another year (he is not ready) let Jimmy G take you to the super bowl.

  36. John Lynch is above reproach because he’s, like, really smart. In case you hadn’t heard, he went to Stanford. Nothing to see here except a player from North Dakota State that the 49ers spent three (THREE!) first round picks to acquire.

    All while the sports world’s squawking heads rail on the Packers for “trading up” to draft Jordan Love. (Oh, the humanity!)

  37. I still think San Francisco is better on paper compared to Seattle…but San Francisco is really making things interesting…I don’t think lightning will strike twice in the same spot, but if it does, Garoppolo in Seattle would be poetic…

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