Julio Jones gets $6 million to sign, with up to $2 million in incentives

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When Julio Jones agreed to terms with the Buccaneers, Adam Schefter had the scoop — but he didn’t have the numbers.

He didn’t have the numbers (or perhaps he didn’t have permission to use the numbers) because the numbers were far short of past contracts signed by Jones.

Now that some (us) have pointed to the fact that the failure to leak the numbers suggests that the deal isn’t a great one, the numbers are out. And while the package is more than the $3 million up to $6 million that we suggested earlier today, they’re still a far cry from $22 million per year.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Jones deal is worth $6 million in base pay, with up to $2 million in incentives.

Some of that $6 million may be in the form of per-game roster bonuses, which will require Jones to suit up in order to collect the money.

We’ll eventually have the full breakdown of the contract, including any guarantees and the triggers for the incentives.

14 responses to “Julio Jones gets $6 million to sign, with up to $2 million in incentives

  1. It seems like yesterday that Julio Jones was on the Falcons, making that incredible sideline toe-tapping catch in the Super Bowl. And now he’s going to be catching passes from the QB who suited up opposite him. I hope Jones still has something left to give.

  2. Julio is a shell of his former self. He shouldn’t be paid near what he once commanded

  3. IN other post about Jones people were saying he needs to retire and not tarnish his legacy. It amazes me that people think that is necessarily a deal to him. What makes you think he cares what you or anyone else thinks about how “great” he was? He as well as most players are in it for the Benjamins. And why not. $6,000,000 may pale compared to $22,000,000 but it still buys a lot of Big Macs. If someone is willing to pay him why not take it? Who knows if he has been smart with his money? Where else will he make that kind of money for most likely never practicing and playing 5-7 games between injuries as has been his recent history.

  4. Bucs paying Rudolph and Jones the salary they would have given to Gronk. Unfortunately they take up 2 roster spots, not one.

  5. Ah yes, Julio Jones. Thomas Dimitroff was a genius for giving away a bunch of draft picks to land him – picks that could have been better used for team-building. Other than Mike Evans (who lucked into TB12), no receiver drafted in the top ten in the last 20 years has a ring with his original team. Not saying that he wasn’t a great player, but the team had so many other needs.

  6. That’s a lot of money for an over the hill WR with about 7 career TD’s… I see him as their #4 WR behind Evans, Godwin and Johnson.

  7. More than I would have guessed – has to be based on games played.
    Have to give it to Bucs to have enough money to sign those old bodies – but not Suh.

  8. That’s $10M less than last seasons salary. Which resulted in 1 TD.

    That is 1 TD = $16M dollars.

  9. Given Jones’ production the last two years, I would have expected league minimum. Six million is fleecing the Bucs.

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