Justin Fields: Failure pushes me to go even harder

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The Bears fired their head coach and General Manager after the 2021 season, which is a pretty good way of knowing that things didn’t go as hoped for the team during quarterback Justin Fields‘ rookie season.

Fields opened the season as Andy Dalton‘s backup, but took over as the starter after Dalton was injured in Week 2 and the Bears went 2-8 in his starts before his own injury knocked him out of action. Fields threw seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions while completing just under 59 percent of his passes, so there wasn’t much to smile about when it came to his initial experience as an NFL quarterback.

On Tuesday, Fields reported to his second training camp and told reporters that last year’s flop served as motivation for him to take the necessary steps forward this season.

“Failure pushes me to go even harder,” Fields said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “So, you know, that’s really all I’ve got to say. I want to do everything I can to win that trophy and get that ring. . . . I’m a big believer in, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ ’’ Fields said. ‘‘Who knows how I would have taken it if I had a great game every game? Maybe I wouldn’t have that hunger still.”

Hopes are not high for the Bears in their first season with head coach Matt Eberflus and General Manager Ryan Poles, but growth from Fields would be a silver lining regardless of whether their final record shows the same kind of progress.

32 responses to “Justin Fields: Failure pushes me to go even harder

  1. Failure pushes me to go even harder,” Fields said

    So, I guess he is really being pushed hard…..

  2. He’s got a lot of motivation coming this year.

    Potential 0-17 team there.

    Although Bear fans will scream “CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

  3. If Fields becomes what Bears fans hope, Pace will be vindicated to a degree.

    If Fields fails, as most trolls hope and think, Pace will labeled the bust.

    Nagy is and will always be the main bust of the Pace regime. It would be worse if Fields turns out to be a star in the league.

    Give the kid a couple more years. He needs some stability and tools to work with.

  4. his rookie season certainly had its ups and downs but I think the potential is really there assuming the Bears become a more competent organization and surround him with better talent

    Justin Fields > Mac Jones

  5. Ousting the wacky Nagy playbook and fixing the protection will go a long way towards fixing the QB.

  6. The Bears have decent OLine out of no where. Fields will be able to have time and hopefully competent coaching/play calling not Nagy’s predictable trash calls.

    Funny how Giants fans think their relevant, your team is just as bad as the Bears if not worse!

  7. Can’t hate on a rookie staying positive and giving it his all. Once he’s on the field all the talking goes his production and game play…..Prove it on the fields, pun intended.

  8. The Bears are going to see an awful lot of failure this year, given their lack of playmakers. I guess that means JF will be made of adamantium by year’s end.

  9. It is good of him to admit he has been a failure so far. At least he is pretty self-aware.

  10. nyfootballgiants says:
    July 27, 2022 at 9:02 am
    Failure pushes me to go even harder,” Fields said

    So, I guess he is really being pushed hard…..
    If only Daniel Jones was motivated by failure.

  11. Google “Chicago Bears Depth Chart” and see the real problem. No one knows if Fields will work out, but they took an offense that was already below League standards and weakened it. When Mooney and Kmet are your biggest weapons (David Montgomery is a 3-yard journeyman at this point), it’s no wonder the struggles have no visible end in sight. Even through the bad QB days in Chicago over the decades, and there have been MANY, there was always some level of talent that kept things interesting. Skill positions – they matter.

  12. Maybe they should have drafted a guy for reasons other than “reminds us of Pat Mahommes”…

  13. The Bears will have a rough transition, but remember Nagy’s first year they went to the playoffs with a 12-4 record.

    One notable fact, Vic Fangio was running the defense.

  14. Why is there so much hate towards this young man? Or for Trey Lance or Mac Jones, etc? Not a fan of theirs but that doesn’t mean I wish ill will on them. Why do keyboard warriors get so much joy in tearing down others? When did we as a society become so crappy?

  15. Little over a month left until Fields outplays Lance week 1 in Chicago and the Bears shock the NFL. You heard it here.

  16. They passed on Mac Jones. Just mindboggling.

    You draft an obvious bust and pass on Mac Jones who was teaching Bill O’Brien the Bama playbook.

    Can’t be made up. It just can’t.

  17. Monty is a 3 yard journeyman? He’s pushing 800 yards (889,1070,840) in each of his last three seasons and last year he had an injury.

    That’s with Nagy’s awful play calling! (4th and 3 Wildcat anyone)

    Every player in the league is a play maker. We have size, talent but what were we missing? Coaching, play calling. Coaches coaching to their player’s strengths. Not calling Andy Dalton plays for Justin Fields. Matt Nagy saying, “I’m not an idiot” after asking Trubisky to pass 54 times.

    I’m by no means calling Super Bowl. Playoffs are always a possibility with the expanded format. I’m happy with a positive record, stability at QB, a competitive product and progress.

    If this is a rebuild year, so be it. The fact that we drafted and signed OL players versus trying out 8 kickers shows we’re having an honest evaluation of staff and putting a competitive product on the field.

  18. If he has a serviceable O-line, he can develop. If not, no one will be able to tell if he’s developing or not.

  19. The worst thing that could have happened was for this kid to have his 1st year in the league be under Matt Nagy but that’s how it played out. If the best he did last year was not regress from tOSU that is the best case scenario. More likely, it will be a monumental effort coaching the Nagy out of him and his window is short — like this season only. If Eberflus and Poles go into next offseason anything less than 100% sure he’s the guy, he’ll be out. I’m wishing the kid all the best but 100+ years of abject failure at the QB position is a really tough legacy for the Bears to turn around in one offseason.

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