Justin Jefferson: I’m focused on being best WR, not contract

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The wide receiver market was a busy one this offseason, but Vikings wideout Justin Jefferson was not part of the action.

Jefferson won’t be eligible for a new contract until the 2022 season is in the books and he said on Wednesday that he isn’t going to be thinking about his next deal until that point. In the meantime, Jefferson said he’ll be keeping his full focus on his on-field goals.

Those goals include a winning season, reaching 2,000 receiving yards and, as Jefferson reiterated on Wednesday, becoming the best receiver in the NFL.

“I’ll focus on contract after the season,” Jefferson said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “Our main thing is reaching to that goal, but I’m not really too fond of money. I’m really just trying to get that goal of being the best receiver.”

Should Jefferson realize that goal, it will be easy to shift focus to the contractual side of things because he’ll have as strong a negotiating position as possible. Whatever his fondness for money, Jefferson would likely enjoy being in that position come 2023.

8 responses to “Justin Jefferson: I’m focused on being best WR, not contract

  1. Unless he’s missing a bunch of blocks downfield, being the best WR in football is all he can do to get to a Super Bowl. The rest is up to his teammates, there’s no reason to be upset with him for not listing the SB as a goal.

  2. Suuuurrrrre, we believe you. Guaranteed come contract time, he’ll spit his dummy out, bank on it

  3. “I’ll focus on contract after the season,” Jefferson said,
    “….. even though I’m sure the Vikings will elect to utilize their 5th year option, and I will be 2 years away from getting a new contract”.

    This guy went to Diva School this off-season.

  4. It’s a shame this young talent appears to be solely focused on himself instead of the team. If you thought it was unusual to see him barking on the sidelines when his stats weren’t being padded to his satisfaction, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  5. No offense, I understand that when you play for a dumpster fire, you probably tend to think about things in a more singular fashion.
    It’s just too bad that his goals aren’t more team oriented, and that he was hoping to lift the Vikings over that ever elusive .500 threshold. 😉

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