Kevin Stefanski: Jacoby Brissett will start if Deshaun Watson is suspended

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
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As we continue to wait for Judge Sue Robinson’s gavel to fall, the Browns are ready for Plan B.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters on Wednesday that Jacoby Brissett will serve as the starting quarterback if Deshaun Watson is suspended to start the season.

Stefanski also said that both Watson and Brissett will get “a ton of reps” during training camp.

It’s a tough balancing act for the Browns. Brissett needs to be ready for Week One. Watson needs to be ready, eventually.

That’s why the Browns need to know how much time Watson will miss. Presumably, an answer is coming soon.

PFT reported last week that the Browns are privately bracing for an eight-game suspension.

22 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: Jacoby Brissett will start if Deshaun Watson is suspended

  1. It’s still hard for me to get my head around their blind pursuit of Watson.

  2. Not if but when he is suspended. The NFL will face backlash if there is no suspension.

  3. 0 game punishment as Judge Robinson calls the league hypocrites for not holding the owners to a higher standard.

  4. Brissett with a great running game, top notch OL, solid receivers and a top 10 defense might surprise a lot of people

  5. Here’s your chance Jacoby. Great recievers, good tight end, best running game in NFL..and a line that’s will be better because the QB can step to the left or right..make the most of it.

  6. Did nobody actually watch Brissett with the Dolphins last year? It was painful.

  7. Brissett is a nice guy, but he simply does not win football games. This isn’t a plan.

  8. …did Kevin Stefanski really just have to explain to people how a depth chart works?

  9. When he gets a two-game slap I’ll look forward to returning here to collect all those delicious faux outrage tears.

  10. Thanks for taking the Watson nightmare off the hands of the Texans!

    And the draft picks are really, really nice, thanks for those too!

  11. Of course he will be he’s the backup QB. Why is this so hard for people to figure out? On the other hand, he shouldn’t even address it, don’t even put the idea out there that any kind of suspension is acceptable.

  12. Lmao people saying here is your chance Jacoby? He had his “chance” with the Colts and Dolphins and was beyond terrible but keep believing in this loser. If brissett is your QB you might as well tank the season.

  13. I have been a Brown’s fan for 40 yrs and I am having serious doubts about Stefanski I don’t get good vibes from him at all. I had no confidence in him last year as the OC I think he did a terrible job.

  14. Nice to see the supply chain disruptions aren’t affecting productivity at the Factory of Sadness…
    Keep up the good work Brownies!

  15. It’s a QB league. Josh Rosen and Josh Dobbs are the best QB’s on the roster. Rosen probably won’t get a chance, but Dobbs can play. He’s not Tom Brady, but Tom’s not in camp.

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