Kliff Kingsbury on Kyler Murray: No worries on film study, “just thrilled” he got deal he deserves

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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The clause in Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray‘s new contract regarding the amount of film study he does in a week has gotten a lot of attention this week, but head coach Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

At his first press conference of training camp, Kingsbury said he has not had concerns about the amount of time Murray spends on film because the quarterback has “gotten dramatically better each and every year” that he’s been in the NFL. He also said that he’s not uncomfortable with the clause being public knowledge.

“No, because my man’s got a quarter of a billion dollars so you can only be upset for so long, I guess,” Kingsbury said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “Negotiations are negotiations, everybody has their things and wants different stuff. I’m just thrilled that this young man got what I felt he deserves.”

Murray agreed to the clause, so it wouldn’t seem to be a major issue to him either but its inclusion will give fodder for outside doubters of the quarterback’s ability to take the Cardinals where they want to go in 2022 and beyond. Those doubts were amplified by the way the team closed out the last two seasons and the only way to quiet them will come by finishing stronger on the field.

13 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury on Kyler Murray: No worries on film study, “just thrilled” he got deal he deserves

  1. He never deserved any of that money or a new contract. They should have just let him stew on the bench. Didnt Colt Mccoy come in and win some games for them?? Yes he did.

  2. Kingsbury need to stock up on Kleenex if he is going to brown nose Murray that much. He is making 1/4 billion $$ and yet the people that are paying him that much feel the need to include that clause? And the quote in the Simms video just reinforces that. Even IF he is right (he isn’t) don’t you think he could put in the effort anyway? His recognition skills in last years playoff game against the Rams were a little lacking. No? As well as any plays that actually, you know, went for positive yardage. Evidently he did not recognize that…

  3. Geez Kingsbury, when you say it like that “ got a quarter of a billion dollars” to play a game it does sorta sting to the average fan.

  4. That clause makes Kyler look really bad. How pathetic is it that these kids nowadays need to be babysat? What a joke.

  5. This is the type of statement that one would expect a head coach to say about his quarterback.

    The question is does Klingsbury believe his own hype?

    The concern is that he does believe his own hype.

    By proclaiming Murray to be his MUST HAVE quarterback out of the 2019 draft, Klingsbury has hitched himself and his career to him. If Murray fails, then Klingsbury fails.

    Murray possesses and has flashed the NFL-level athletic skills (in regular season games); however, Murray has continually demonstrated weak character traits and poor leadership skills that do not warrant either the hype or the quality of contract given to him.

    Looking at the situation there objectively, I cannot envision that things will end well for either of them.

  6. If the Cards get off to a bad start or fizzle out at the end again this year, I’ll bet a quarter billion that neither Murray or Kingsbury will be with the team next year.

  7. You’re not alone Kliff. I’m sure the rest of the NFC West is also thrilled to see the Cardinals light money on fire with Murray.

  8. Well the good news is, any other QB’s out there who may be slacking a bit in their film watching, are immediately upping their game.

  9. Both of them are the most overrated, non winning people in football. Kliff has never actually won anywhere he has coached. Has every single year as a head coach lost the last half of the season. Every year. Murray has already not only said but proven he has no heart for football. When you refuse to finish a game on the field because you are losing then you do not care. Can’t lead if you do not care yourself.

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